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Is torture art?

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I read this article on Fox and the description of what this woman considers art is sickening. Then she goes and publishes all the hate mail she receives. How horrible,2933,522681,00.html
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Just another wasted carbon unit, undeserving of the opportunity to walk the Earth.

I wonder if deep down, she really has convinced herself that she's an "artist", as opposed to the vile media whore she really is, exploiting others' emotional capital for another 15 minutes of "fame".
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first of all- I don't really believe that she "twisted the cats neck" . Pinkeltje is supposed to have been a tom cat- which just happend to be a tortie? Thats genetically speaking rather unlikely and I don't believe that the artist wouldn't know the sex of her own pet

Plus its probably illegal to kill a cat by twisting its neck in her country and I can't imagine that she'd risk a sentence by really doing it.

Also- she only threatend to kill those chicks by putting them in a shredder (probably fully knowing that her audience would stop her) and as far as I can tell the hamsters weren't killed either. And then she goes on to kill her own pet cat????

I suspect "Pinkeltje" is an old stuffed cat from the flea market that has been remodeld into a hand bag.

If she had made the bag out of ostrich lether- would there also have been such an out cry?

How many people wear leather belts, shoes and hand bags without once asking where the leather came from?

I don't know if her "art" is sick or not- I just wonder if it so much different from wearing a pair of lether shoes (which doesn't have a face on it anymore but otherwise is also an animal skin, just like "Pinkeltje" ).

The one thing I do agree with is that the hate mail she recieved is absolutely horrible. Some people would rather threaten her and live out hate fantasies then try to talk to her or really find out why she did it.


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Not real. Just another internet hog.
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I found a Dutch article about her and it said that she said she broke the cat's neck because it was already ill. She then turned it into a handbag. That's kind of creepy, even if she just had the cat euthanized that's a bit strange to me.

The whole chick thing IMO isn't that bad. Basically she's saying, save them or they are going to die, which is what they would have done anyway because I believe they might have been baby roosters. Anyway she's making a statement about people and animals and what we do to animals. She's very over the top... like peta people haha.

I do think it's a bit disturbing but "animal skins" must be popular over there. She has another piece that is a chihuahua skin with a cat skin inside that she took pictures frame by frame basically the dog turning into the cat. Everything picture wise I found with her had stuffed dogs in it. Very weird.
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If she did do it, then she's another one to be banged up with the key thrown away so she can't hurt another animal
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In answer to the the OP's question as the title of the thread: No, torture is definitely not art. Doesn't matter if it's to make a point or not (she doesn't seem to be as concerned about making a point as she is about making headlines). Torturing a living being of any species for the sake of "art" is the antithesis of the definition of art.

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[ahrt] –noun
1.the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.
I know it won't happen in this world, but if everyone stopped paying attention to this narcissist, I would bet dollars to donut holes that she wouldn't be doing it for long. She craves the attention and has found that either hurting animals or threatening to hurt animals gives her that attention. She's like a 5 year old who acts out because even negative attention is still attention.
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