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Kitty care help

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One of my roommates friends had a kitten that he could no longer take care of, and ended up giving it to us.

The owner said that the kitten is over a month old (I'm estimating about 5 weeks). I read in a few places on this forum and other sites that growing kittens shouldn't be separated from their mothers until they are eight or more weeks old, and that they need their mothers milk for various nutritional reasons especially for the development of their immune system. He has been drinking low fat lactose safe milk for the past few days. I don't think that this is an adequate replacement for mothers milk. I'm very worried about the growth of the kitten, and I would like some advice as to what I should be feeding it.

In addition to that, I was able to teach it to use the litter box to poop, but for some reason he doesn't like to pee in the litter box. What can I do to teach him to use the litter box for both?

Thank you in advance, and I hope this is in the right section.
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Check your local petshop for KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement), if they don't have it try a farm supply place like Tractor Supply or Country Max.

I'm not sure about the pee problems other than when you see him/her squat to pee, put him in the box.
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Welcome to TCS and thank you for taking in this little baby in need!

Here is a great resource for you: http://www.kitten-rescue.com/

Many shelters, because of "cuteness" issues and space problems adopt kittens out as young as 8 weeks old, but really, no respectable breeder will adopt a kitten out until they're 12 weeks old. They really should be with their moms that long, it's not just a nutrition thing - they learn stuff like how to use the litter box from her too.

However, sometimes there's just no choice, and kitty needs a home.

At 5 weeks old, kitty should be able to start eating wet kitten food. He will be a mess, so you'll have to hang with him when he eats and use a warm cloth to clean him up.

Also, as to litter, you should be using clay litter not clumping. Just making sure. Clumping litter is dangerous, because if they eat any, it clumps! You can transition to clumping later, but start with clay.

And I'd try having two litter boxes. Some cats just don't like to pee and poop in the same box. But at that age, if you see him peeing, you pretty much have to pick him up and take him there, and when he's done, take his little paws and "teach" him to cover his pee.

They're better about pooping in the box because they have more warning that they have to poop. Sometimes they dont' "notice" they have to pee until it's too late. That's why with little little kitties it's best to confine them to a room - or have LOTS of litter boxes everywhere. He'll get better bladder control as he gets older - but it's just like potty training a child.

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Oh! I totally forgot to mention - you MUST clean up any area he's peed with an enzyme cleaner. If clothes or bedding, they should be washed with it, use it like you would fabric softener. Any furniture or floor - it must be SOAKED with the cleaner, and I mean SOAKED (unless hard floor). Let it sit for 10 - 15 minutes, blot up excess, and let air dry. An enzyme cleaner can be found at any pet store, and it is the ONLY thing that will remove the smell of pee to HIS nose, and the smell will encourage him to continue going there.

...and don't forget to have him neutered somewhere between 4 and 6 months old. Unneutered males do not make great pets, they spray to mark territory, it's better for his long term health, and it's just the responsible thing to do.

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Originally Posted by Breellablue View Post
Check your local petshop for KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement),
If they dont have KMR-milk, there may be other brands of kitten milk replacement. Royal Canin´s replacement milk is nowadays quite good, and also cheaper.

(KMR is short for kitten milk replacement, but it is ALSO a brand-trade mark for theirs very good product. - There are others, the RC being almost as good).

But as LDG said, you can now safely begin with kitten food, although KMR / RC milk as extra doesnt hurt and is useful.

Good luck, and tx for helping this little fellow!
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