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Ok to let Ally eat a little chopped liver?

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I had a little chopped liver today and there's a little leftover. I noticed that Ally licked the little bit that was on the lid off, which was surprising since she's such a picky eater.

I'm tempted to let her eat the rest of the chopped liver since she hardly ever eats much and it's packed with fat, but am not sure if it's safe for her.
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liver is a fine treat, if she gets too much she may have loose stools .... Does the liver have seasoning?
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It's plain. No seasoning according to the ingredient list.
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Jake gets liver all the time when my dad eats that. My dad loves liver so it's a lot. He gets like a little piece...Any meat is fine as long as you've prepared it and know it doesn't have any random preservatives or seasonings that could be bad.
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I let her eat about a tablespoon worth. I'll start with that and see how it goes.

If I've found a fattening snack for her that she likes, how great would that be?
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Hi LawGuy,

as far as I know liver contains a lot of vitamin A and should not be fed cats in large quantities (no more than 2- 5 % of her diet, sorry).

An excess of vitamin a is not good for cats as an overdosis can be toxic:

In other words- as a small treat every now and then liver is great, but don't overdue it


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My cats share 4 ounces of raw liver twice a week as part of their regular diet. It's not just good for them, it's full of essential ingredients.

As your kitties are on a commercial diet, I second what previous posters have said... raw liver makes an awesome treat, but not an everyday one.

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If we are cooking the entire chicken, I sometimes will cook up the liver, etc. in a pan and then chop it up and let it cool and give it to the gang for a treat.

Liver is rich, so don't give much. I feed them canned food that has liver in it (beef/liver or chicken/liver).
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