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Ooohhh...it's gonna hurt!

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Our youngest cat, Pink Floyd, is what one might call "goofy". Being part Manx, he acts more like a Laborador Retriever than a cat. One of the silliest things he does is when he's playing ball. He loves the super bouny ball, and when my husband or I bounce it to him, if it heads towards his face, he won't get out of the way. He just scrinches up his face and waits for the ball to hit him. Last week, he even put his paws up (unfortunately, I didn't get to see this, but my hubby did) to block the ball, along with scrinching his face. Wouldn't most cats just move? lol...I would submit a pic, but can't seem to figure out how to do it here. I hit insert image, and nothing happens. I'll try another time, because I know many cat lovers will get a good laugh out of some of his pics.
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Thats hysterical! It is exactly what a dog would do!!
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You won't be able to upload an attachment directly into your message until you've been a member longer and have more posts. Check out this thread for the rules.

For now, you need to upload your pictures to something like photobucket. Then you can copy the IMG code and paste it into your message.
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