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This is my son's 5 year old polydactyl grey tabby, Oliver. He has the largest "thumbs" we've ever seen on a cat, and is verrrrrrrrry long in length!!!

Anyone else have a long cat like Oliver?

We have a calico that is long - I need to find her picture.
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OMG he is sooo long. You weren't kidding!
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A long cat?
What a sweetie.
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He's so cute!
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Aristotle is a long cat. Add his 14" tail and he gets veeeeeeeery long.
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Oh my goodness! Oliver IS very long and totally cuuuuute!
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Bugsy is very looooong too
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How about big in every way?
Ivory (Bug) my ex-cat, was long, tall and huge, well, I guess she still is.
She's of no particular breed, born to a feral mom.
This pic was taken when she was 10 months old and 15 pounds.
The guy holding her is of average 5'9" height.

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Yes he is long and he doesn't look too happy in that pic!
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wow, Oliver is long How tall is the person holding him?

Arlyn: WOW.... Ivory is a gorgeous big ol fluffball.
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That is my son holding him - he's not particularly tall - about 5'8", but Oliver is very long still.

He wasn't upset - that is his serious, "what's going on?" look. He's really a sweet mellow cat. And doesn't mind being messed with.
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Oliver is AWESOME...and we need some close up pics of his cool thumbs, please.
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Thanks Gingersmom!

Here you go!

And the sweet face that goes with those thumbs!!!
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Oliver is lovely! All the more tummy for belly rubs.
Love his thumbs - he'd be a great hitch hiking buddy!
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Oh, thank you, thank you!!!

I just LOVE cats with thumbs!!!!

Hmmmm...that must mean someday I shall have to have one...
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I just love great big kitties (odd that my girls are small to average) and those thumbs!

And of course his beautiful blue tabbiness, who could resist?
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Oh, he is a gorgeous fellow! I love polydactyls, but I'm kind of glad my Daisy doesn't have thumbs. As much as she gets into now, she'd probably learn to open the door and use our car as her escape vehicle. "That's what you get for not letting me go outside, Mama!"
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Ivory (Bug) my ex-cat, was long, tall and huge, well, I guess she still is.
What happened to her?
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Here's my Son's cat "Howie"

He's a huge 18lb gray tabby polydactyle - I think he'd be long but unfortunately right now he is more round. Both front and back legs have many extra toes.
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Oh my goodness - just look at all those digits!!!

And yes - hard to tell how long he is, while rolled up like that!
He is a cutie though.
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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
What happened to her?
She's my ex cat

Jeremy and I split up, I took my bird, dog and old cat and he kept the 4 we got together, easier on the cats that way.
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Awww, he's gorgeous and huge!!!

My polydactyl cat had a litter 5 weeks ago. We are keeping 2 of the kittens, a male and a female. I named the little male Oliver! He also has lots of toes, 26 in total. He looks a lot like your Oliver.

Unfortunately I have never been able to figure out how to post pics, or I would post one of him.
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