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Cats make better bedmates.....

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I found this and had to share!

Cats Shown to Offer Many a Better Night's Sleep

by Sherry Morse and Sarah Wahlert

Posted on June 3, 2003
Forty-four percent of respondents to a survey of cat owners in England recently conducted by Cats Protection indicated that they "enjoy a better night's sleep with their cat on their bed...than with their partner in their bed."

Only 26 percent of the men who were polled agreed with the statement, but a majority — 51 percent — of the women did.

"Those who said they enjoyed a better night's sleep with their cat stated they felt safer and more comforted with their feline," said Cats Protection Head of Promotions Judy Bernstein.

Among the other advantages of cats cited by respondents were more space on the bed, purring and an absence of harassment and/or snoring.

A total of 420 individuals took the survey. All of them were at least 20, but no older than 40.

Most of the individuals — 55 percent — indicated that they would be willing to allow their cats to "hog the covers" in order to make themselves more comfortable, but not permit partners to do so.

Cats Protection
Sweet Dreams for Young and Stressed Cat Owners During Cats Protection Week

Charity Claims British Pet Owners Prefer Cats
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Wow...I think that story was written about me! I'd much rather sleep with the cats than have someone sleeping beside me. I'm quite guilty about letting the cats hog the bed too! I'll sleep in the most ackward positions just so I won't disturb the cats. How sad is that?

I do always feel better when I know that at least one of the cats is in bed with me. I hate staying at a friends house or even staying in a hotel on vacation. It just doesn't feel right with out the cats.

Very interesting article Heidi. Thanks for sharing that!
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I think I'd have to agree with the majority here. I LOVE when Spike sleeps on my bed next to me. And when he stretches... and rolls over on his back showing that cute little white belly! :
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when my S/O leaves for work and I have the day off, I sleep in and the cats always come in and sleep with me for a few hours. It is the best time for me cause I think that when they all purr, it lulls me back to sleep and I have a few good hours of sleep.(not to say that I don't sleep well with my S/O, I just don't think that cats snore as loudly as he does! LOL!) Plus Rocket seems to have grown a fettish with my hair. He is always coming up in the bed and wanting to kneed my hair. it feels fine but then I wake up and I look like I have Dreadlocks! LOL!
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Some nights, there's a "Cindy sandwich", in our bed. Opie snuggles against my left side and Bill is on my right. As long as Bill isn't snoring, I love it. Opie snores but, it isn't very loud.
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I love when my cats sleep with me. Sometimes if I'm taking a nap on the sofa, Molly is behind my legs, and Faile in front of my chest. That is rare, but really cool.

Dan sometimes works the overnight shift, and I don't sleep as well when he isn't home and with me. I love to wake up in the morning and feel him hug me. If the cats are there, it's even better.
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Huh . . . interesting. Right now I'd disagree, personally . . . Luna attacks my feet at night (darn kitten crazies), and Alex would let me sleep! LOL!
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I read about that survey, and had to laugh. I've gotten so used to JC sleeping on my feet that I can't sleep properly when he's not there. My husband moves around too much sometimes. Sleeping with the cat is very reassuring, somehow. Plus I never have to worry about cold feet. When he was very little, he used to sleep on my head, and it took some convincing to get him to settle for my feet. The perfect bedmate!
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