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Meowmy, I'm hungry

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Toby's not a very vocal cat, so he has to come up with creative ways to let me know when his bowl is empty or he wants some canned food. I keep fruit on the counter top (apples, oranges, etc.), so he sits up there and knocks a piece of fruit onto the floor. If that doesn't get my attention, he'll do it again until I realize he wants to eat. If there's no fruit there, he'll use anything he can find (car keys, water bottles, cans of cat food) and use his paw to knock them off the counter. The other day, there wasn't anything but some empty ziplock baggies there, so he was prancing on them to make some lots of crinkling noise so I had to come see what he was doing.
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That is so cute
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Thats so funny. Sydney my cat growing up did that. Now my cats are VERY vocal. I think I prefer the talking to throwing the stuff on the floor.
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A kitty's gotta do what a kitty's gotta do to get what he wants. And Toby knows how to get your attention. It's funny because it isn't one of mine doing it.
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George does something very similar!! He doesn't push anything on to the floor, but he does rustle through any mail that might be on the counter. He takes his paws and bats the corners making all sorts of noise. He thinks he's sooo funny!
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LOL! So funny!

Kinko is very much a pusher and vocalizer for food. And my DH learned the HARD way about glasses of water next to the bed. The last time he had one Kinko meowed one long and loud meow to wake DH up long enough to push the glass of water onto him. Not the kind of wake up call you want at 5am!
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