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need advice

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Ok so If youve been reading my other posts we got a new cat buttercup as much as we love her cali and guardian do not. Guardian growls and hisses at her and cali hisses at her and runs away to her kittens. Any ideas to get them to be more accepting of her? Is time the key? Ive tried the vanilla it just seemed to make it worse. Anyone that has had this problem have any advice?
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You need to introduce them slowly.
When Coco met Meeko we had a problem.
Meeko hated Coco and they are best friends.
Coco was 10 then and Meeko was 2.
Give them time it will get better.
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I agree that it should get better in time. Should. My cats were pretty easy but Fiona will still after a year hit Rocko on the head and hiss at him. She is a brat though.

Positive play! I would grab the da' bird and play with all 3 of them, they were having just too much fun to care! They even like watching each other play so don't feel bad if one seems to hog it more than the other. Its about positive experiances with their humans involved! Than I would finish it off with some yummy treats that i would place near each other so they would have some yummy treats together. They learned that all sorts of good things happen as a group!

Also make sure they each have enough space to climb and enough places to sleep so they don't compete. Make sure you have enough litter boxes and they have their own eating bowls. if they have their special places they don't mind so much sharing the community space with each other.
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Originally Posted by calismom View Post
cali hisses at her and runs away to her kittens.
Cali having kittens dont makes her more friendly to strangers...
Most moms ARE protective.

In fact, possibly it applies also for Guardian, who probably feels responsible for his pal and her kittens.

So, dont rush matters till the kittens are bigger. Look at the advices you already got - I second them.
Try also with a Feliway-diffuser. If my hypothesis is correct, it should help some.
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