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Why oh why....

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did my Hubby's job have to decide that on June 20th and 21st that he is being sent to NC to work. I have a special Birthday planned for him.

I have tickets to a Atlanta Braves game (right behind home plate) and reservations at a hotel and I can't even tell him why I am so upset that he has to go out of town to work. The game tickets are non-refundable so I am stuck with the loss of the tickets.

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Is there any way you could tell you hubby about your surprise and see if he can arrange his schedule differently? Sounds like a great plan...don't know many men who wouldn't want that for a birthday present!

Plus, if he can't go...can't you get a friend to go with you? What about selling your tickets? You might be able to make money off of those good seats!
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If for some reason you can't take your hubby or a friend, try selling them on ebay or something like that. I'm sorry that your surprise is being ruined That bums.
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That stinks!!! I'd tell him something special is happening, and you can't tell him what, but he'll regret it if he goes, so to try to reschedule!!!!
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Call your husband's boss and tell him what was set up and see if they can't move it one way or the other. They usually can.
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