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The best birthday present ever....and the runner ups ;)

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My friend Louie, he is a nice guy..... great friend who would do anything for you. I meet him when I was going to school, we carpooled with me driving up untill I couldn't drive and then he'd drive. I was pulled from school in Nov. and Louie stayed untill unfortunately he had to leave to have a massive kidney stone removed. Anyways, we always talked for hours about his dogs... He breeds Boxers and Rotti's. He would always take the time to explain things to me... and I've been after him for a while to do the puppy cam.

He did the puppy cam, ended up having to password it. He contacted me on Tues. and said "Bell's having puppies"...(I was not home so I missed that one, then I missed the second one by about 2mins).

We sat up together for a while watching Bell going through labour, I got to see the third puppy be born then Bell was struggling over a puppy and I put my bet that it was a big boy. (she had had 2 big boys and a normal sized girl).

I was sitting here telling the screen "Cmon Bell, push, push baby push".

MY PUPPY wanted to arrive on my birthday 12:04am May 27, the puppy i call "my puppy" was born..... She was a beautiful HUGE girl.

(just to clarify, it is not literally my puppy as in it won't be living with me...its a my birthday puppy)

It was soooo beautiful. I actually cried.... I thanked Louie soooo much for sharing this with me. I think he understood how special it was for me.

I find birth a fascinating, amazing experience... doesn't matter if its human birth, or animal, or reptile, or fish... Birth is amazing.... a new life entering our world. I get teary eyed just thinking.

Anyways, that was the greatestest bday gift I could ever have.

Bell ended up having 6 pups, 4 girls, 2 boys. I missed seeing the first 2, I got the see #3 and 4 be born, I missed 5 as I had gone to the washroom, and #6 was after I went to bed at 2am.


Nothing will compare to the above.... but...

We don't do a whole lot for bdays (adult bdays) here.... If it was on a weekend, then maybe. But I hurt on my birthday from sleeping on the couch, I pinched something so I can't turn my neck the one way, and my spine/shoulder/back hurt (still do today)

My neighbour, who has become an amazing friend in the year that they've lived here, bought me an outfit for my bday. Her reasoning: I don't have alot of clothes, no name brand clothes, etc. She spent way too much on me. I love her so much, but I'm still gonna kick her butt. Anyways, nice pair of black jeans, and a top...but I have to return the top, its too big. love her and her kids so much.

My hubby (remember I said we don't do much...so this is considered alot for me) had me close my eyes after supper and he went and did whatever.

I opened my eyes to a 4-pk of Cinnabons. ( http://www.cinnabon.com/experience/p...s/classic.html ) woth a candle on top. Mmmmmmmmm

Then he gives me a present. He gave me another fairie statue in the series that he started for me

This is the new one: https://www.greenearthstores.com/img...203532026&full

THis is the one I already have from him: https://www.greenearthstores.com/?p=...3038735&state=

These fairies are very similiar style to the ones I have tattoos of, done by Amy Brown.

My kids each made me a handmade card

Lots of bday wishes from online/email/facebook...

it was a good day made very nice by everyone that took the time to wish me a happy bday.
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oh Chris sounds that a really unforgettable day!..
you deserve it that and more!...
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
oh Chris sounds that a really unforgettable day!..
you deserve it that and more!...
Thank you Rigel. It was indeed very unforgettable
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And how did I miss your birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, and what a great present to have a puppy born on your day!!

Happy Birthday Chris!!!

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Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great one! Puppies and cinnamon rolls... new clothes and a card! That was really sweet. And the statue is beautiful.
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I missed your birthday too! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful one. It sounds like it was a really great day. And I love that your best present ever was a puppy being born!


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