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17 new cats in one day!

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Tracking that county animal shelter I've been talking about on here. Livingston County, Michigan.

In one day - 17 new cats on the intake - dropped off by owners. 6 adults and 11 kittens. All under an immediate death sentence.. their d-date is 6/10.

I am sick about this. One or two cats at a time, with staggered euth dates we can handle. But this.....

I am leaving town for a few days. The word is already out. I told some of the other people involved in helping that calls and emails need to be made immediately to other rescues. Everyone is full .. but maybe one or two cats at a time we can get them out of there.

At least the majority are kittens, some are listed as colorpoints, which will help with adoption. People like the Meezer look w/o the Meezer price.

Please - vibes that we can address the short-term emergency... while we formulate a plan to address and change policy over there!!

Thank you!!!!!!
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Wow. That is just... wow. I never want to work with a kill shelter, ever. It seems like they just keep putting you guys through the ringer.
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What a sad situation and the unfortunate reality at most kill shelters. Sending many, many vibes that you're able to help those cats.
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Oh my gosh!!

from Cammy and me!
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aaahhhhhh! Four more just came in today - Mom cat and 3 kittens. This is a nightmare!

Remember - this kill shelter does NOT work with rescues - no special treatment, no reduced or pull fees. In fact, the director here tries her best to prevent rescues from helping. Frankly, I think she likes killing the animals. It means less work and hassle for her. And she obviously doesn't have a caring bone in her body. It's all about her power and control. Sorry to rant, but there are municipal ACs/Shelters around here that DO willingly and gladly work with rescues, have a volunteer corp, engage in community education and offer low cost vax and speuter clinics.
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The shelter may actually be paid to kill the cats. Many shelters receive a per-cat fee from the city or county, something like $25 per animal. No incentive to stop killing or cooperate with rescues under those circumstances.
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Oh that's so terrible.

There is something seriously wrong with governments that pay you to put down animals. That's awful.

WIsh there was more I could do to help, and more vibes to the poor little things.

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We have managed to get some other rescues involved on a limited basis. A siamese rescue took a Persian and a Choco point Meezer mix, as well as the colorpoint kittens. Whew!

We took 7 more....

But our director got a phone call first thing Monday morning that AC had received 60 cats over the weekend - 60! And that the first wave of cats/kittens we had "purchased" were speutered early and we had to go out and get them.

A local group of citizens there is working on drafting a no-kill resolution to put before the board of commissioners. They got help from the Michigan Pet Adoption Fund. The bd meeting is 6/8 and I will be there.
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