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Daily question: May 28/09

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Good morning folks.... Your question for today is an easy one.

Everyone has one or some of these.... usually not in the best condition...

What is your most favorite piece of clothing that you own??????

For me I have 2: A sweatshirt that is in ruins.... holes in the sleeve seams. worn out cuffs, etc. But I it.

#2 Is a nice tank top, silky type material, with an empire waist I believe its called...(where it has elastic under the boobs, then flows out from there).

So what's yours?

Don't be imbarassed, you can say if your favorite is a pair of comfy underwear
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Mine would have to be my canterbury pants at the moment. I remember last time this was asked it was a comfy blue/grey t-shirt but I think someone got clever and threw that away!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
Mine would have to be my canterbury pants at the moment. I remember last time this was asked it was a comfy blue/grey t-shirt but I think someone got clever and threw that away!
dohhhh, if you can remember the last time this was asked, I am not doing a good job

Guess I'll try a different approach next Tues and Thurs
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Hmm, not sure I really even have a "favorite" article of clothing.
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I don't exactly have one favorite piece of clothing but I do have a type and I would have to say that's my lounging pants. I have several pair of them is the silliest colors, hot pink, lime green, purple and lemon. When I get home from being out or working they are the first thing that I put on with a sleep shirt and I am set for the rest of the day......

In the winter when it's cold I also have a pair of my brother's huge work socks I like to pull on as well. Believe me it's quite the site to see..........and people wonder why I rarely answer the door if I am home..
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let see...

For winter a comfy sweater from Massachussets..
For summer a nice "guayabera" because if fresh....the name is yucatecan and is a traditional t-shirt from here...

and yep...I got a boxers with a kitty-paws very comfy...
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Mine has to be my grey yoga pants. Not that I do any form of yoga.

They are just so comfy!
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Hmmm...I think it's probably a blue and white striped shirt. It's one of those articles that always looks crisp and smart with almost anything, but is very easy care, and so comfortable it could just as easily be a ratty old holey T-shirt. I think I want about 7 dozen of them. Especially given that it's 10 years old if it's a day. I will be very sad when it dies.
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My favorite is my long blue nighty with fish on it. Jim hates it, he keeps threatening to throw it away. I said no problem but his favorite t-shirt might disappear
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My satiny Cubs jacket; I wish I could wear it all year round.
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Do shoes count? If they do it would be my cherry-patterned wedge-heeled peeptoe pumps. They're so much fun that you have to be in a good mood when you're wearing them.

If they don't, then probably my cropped black flyaway cardigan sweater that I got on a clearance rack for $5 and wear with everything.
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My Red Sox sweatshirt. It's five years old and I wear it around the house all the time. The sleeves are getting a little ratty...but I LOVE it.
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I have a pair of grey yoga/exercise pants that are EXTREMELY comfortable. I them. They are probably my favorite article of clothing at the moment!
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Anything that somebody compliments me on!
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My favorite is my red hooded sweater with a white dog on it, standing on its back legs like a human and making a silly face, with the words "Octopus Army" underneath!

It's very comfy for one, and also just so silly, how could I not love it? It's from Japan, which explains the silliness, and also a little extra sentimental value.
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My new long cardigan, Summer Yellow....I love wearing it no matter what the weather at the moment!
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One of my pairs of jeans. They've got HUGE holes in the knees now so I cant wear them to work (I work with acids and other corrosive materials). My other favorite pair of jeans just developed a hole in the butt
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