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I am going to see about getting tickets for Def Leppard Sat! I love their songs! I hope we can get close to the front! I think they ROCK!
I can't wait! wish me luck for getting good seats!
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You lucky duck!

I didn't realize that they were still together!
I remember being in Junior High and all of us kids were fighting who was better Def Leppard or Bon Jovi.
It was always tie for me!
Hope you get great tickets and don't forget let us know how it goes!
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Very cool Barb! Have a great time and good luck getting good seats!

Shell, they are definitely still together, still putting out new albums. They still sound good, too. Oh, and of the two bands, I have to put my vote in for Def Leppard.
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I guess I've been out of the loop of the cool 80's bands! I haven't heard any new music from them for a few years so I assumed that they were split up.

Speaking of cool bands, we have a local band here that plays original music & lots of the 80's rock. They sound like a mix of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard. They've played all over the US, so maybe you all have heard of them? Their band is called Mother Tung. If you ever get the change, definitely check them out!
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I didn't realize Def Leppard was still around, either. The fact that their drummer has one arm freaks me out a little. He somehow manages to keep a beat, but it must be hard work.

Last year, they had a big hair band fest at Hershey Park. It was Poison and a couple of other 80s bands. I didn't go, wasn't into that music at the time, but I bet it was fun.
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Got my tickets yesterday. they are in the lower section, section d, box/row 35 seats 6+7 a. and these were the closest could get to the stage!$90.10 for the 2 seats together! HOLY MOLY! but I got them and they are mine! YIPPIE! I can't wait!
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OHH my gosh I am soo jealous! I remember their drummer is one handed...is it still the same men in the group? I loved them when I was growing up as a teen!! Rock of Ages was my all time favorite song of theirs!
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I liked that one but Pour some Sugar on Me was my all time fav. and I am not sure that it is the original ones from the 80's but I think so.(at least I hope it is! YUM!)
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Yea it was the 80's..Pour some sugar on me was a good one too!! I sure hope you have a blast at the concert!
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have fun! I'm jealous!!!!!
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I'm pretty sure it's all the original members, except for Steve Clark obviously (he died in the late 80s). Hubby saw them last year and LOVED the show!
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Great now I'll know to expect a fantastic show! Tell your hubby thanks for the info! I"ll let you know how it was!
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