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Daily Thread Thurs May 28th

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Wooohhoooo! Today is my Friday!! I took tomorrow off because my friend is getting married. So exciting!

Its going to be rainy all day today, hopefully it stops for her wedding tomorrow.

Last night Josh put a new stereo and speakers in my car...It sounds great, he is so amazing!

I must get going on the planning now...time is a tickin'

Have a great day folks!
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Good Morning. It's a dreary day here with rain and fog.
DS slept wonderfully and is talking to his bears.
Here is a video from earlier.

Mom is off today so I plan on relaxing. I was able to vacuum the whole house and do extra laundry yesterday. I might tackle the bathrooms later.

The kitties are restless cause of the weather. I have to keep an eye on Molly. This is the type of weather when she had her major asthma attack last year and we almost lost her.
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Its a rainy and chilly day here..grrr.

I am subbing two classes in addition to my lessons this afternoon and evening. so a busy day here.

have a great day everyone!
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Good Friday morning everybody!

I've got at least 3 days off work so life is good. It's just past 1am here, I'm going to go to bed shortly. I'll rise early and get packed - going away to a cat show for the weekend, and I'll be back Sunday night. I'm taking my cat Fluffy and kitten Tales.

I'll be having a really busy day, packing and tidying up the house

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Morning All!!!

Dull dreary and damp here this morning, very hard to get up and motivated

Have a few things to do today, have to stop by the lab to have some blood-work dome. They have to keep an eye on my hemoglobin levels because one of the meds I am on can cause anemia.
After that have a few things to pick up at Walmart, then dropping some books off at the library.

By then no doubt it will be time to head home for a nap...

The kitties are all sleeping this morning, the rainy day has gotten them all lazy.

Everyone have a great day
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Hello All!!

Posting real late and using the laptop as my desktop wouldn't start Windows this morning.
So its currently in the repair shop-as of late this afternoon he got Windows to start so hopefully I can pick up tomorrow or Saturday. My laptop randomly has the cursor jump around so I'm always correcting spelling!

Working at a clients for most of the day tomorrow then a lady coming over to purchase some plants.

Cats are being kind of good this evening so far!
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