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Princess buttercup's big appearance

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So we have decided to keep "Princess Buttercup" as my husband insists on calling her. If you just say buttercup he gets all huffy and says its princess buttercup If you havn't read the other post here is a quick rundown, my husband doesn't really like cats and didn't want this one until he saw her and turned into a big bowl of mush and promptly named her Princess Buttercup. He carries her everywhere! Even into the bathroom with him. The minute she cries about anything he storms in and demands to know who is hurting his princess. Its actually kinda cute. But I draw the line at bowing to her! Well I finally got the little scamp to sit still for some pictures. So here she is!

This one is for size comparison, that is a small size stick of deodarant, and you get to see her colors.

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she's sooooooo cute!!!!
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She's really cute. Looks just like Aya did when I found her.

luv calicoes!
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What a cutie!
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awww she's cute and funny story about your hubby..mine has always liked cats...too bad my cats stick by he keeps telling me he wants a cat..when they are surrounding me...
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awwwwwwwwwww Princess Buttercup is beautiful
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Hee hee!! You will BOW to Princess Buttercup!!!

She is precious.
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Obviously he's a Princess Bride fan

She's just too cute.
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Princess Buttercup is adorable, and you had to let your hubby name her after he fell so hard for her!
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Princess Buttercup fits her perfectly too.
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Isn't she a precious little thing Sounds like someones a Daddy's girl
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That last photo is a great keepssake! she is sooo tiny. Beautiful markings!
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I can see your husband, now, bowing and saying "as you wish" to the darling little Princess Buttercup.
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aww what an itty-bitty kitteh. Missy-Princessy Buttercup is adorable.
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She is gorgeous!
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OMG she is soo adorable!!! I love her name, Princess Buttercup...too cute!!! Glad you got to keep her
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She so tiny and soooooo cute!
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