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Anyone have a "Drama" Queen or King?

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Moose, my orange tabby, ought to be in a "soap opera". He verbally overreacts to everything. Whenever Lucy quickly approaches him to play, you'd think she was pulling out his whiskers one by one. The other night he walked up to her, hissed, and ran away.

He loves to be the center of attention; he'll sit on the kitchen counter and howl, waiting to see which of us will go and see what's going on.

He goes into the dark bathroom and sits on the toilet seat, stares at the wall and cries. I used to think there must be a huge bug in there that he really wanted, but after nine years, and no bugs, I've decided he's just a Drama King!

There should be an award show for cats!
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Originally Posted by clpeters23 View Post
There should be an award show for cats!
And in my household, Scarlett would win hands down! She's always "announced" herself upon entering a room or jumping into bed at night, but last Friday, she won an academy award for her performance. She's never been sick, so we never actually witnessed her behavior while sick. She probably ate something weird or got bit by some bug. When we tried to touch her, she cried out in pain and hissed at us. When she tried to walk, she wobbled. Fearing the worst, we rushed her to the emergency vet. 3 xrays and a full exam later, then found nothing wrong with her. When we got her home from the vets, she acted completely normal. We chalked it up to a Drama Queen's reaction to not feeling "perfect".
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Oh yes, my Billy is a little drama king.

He once leapt off the back of my sofa and fell onto my laptop. I picked him up, put him down on the floor, and was about to go back to what I was doing, when he picked up one paw waaaaaay in the air, and fell over. I freaked out, thinking he must have hurt himself when he landed. Picked him back up, felt his limbs for any kind of swelling or pain, but didn't see anything unusual. Put him back on the floor, and he walks away like nothing happened.

One of the last times he went to get his vaccinations, I had him on his harness and leash, and after his shot, he kept limping around and falling over like he couldn't use his leg while I was paying the bill. This time, I just told him to "be a man" and suck it up, because I know it didn't hurt that bad! Sure enough, later that day, nothing wrong with him! Little baby!
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Baby, my loud mouth
She has to talk about everything.
She doesn't have a loud voice like a meezer, it's just that she does the kitty equivelent of shouting.

She shouts as a greeting, she shouts to make sure I know that she's sitting on me and needs petted, she shouts for her dinner.

I know that shouting isn't her normal meow, because she does have one, she just prefers to shout.

She hisses and growls and yells and swats at Jade for getting in her face.
She and Jade are best buds, Jade just likes in your face cuddling and Baby doesn't.
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Ophelia would be the drama queen in our house, though she certainly can't hold a candle to Billy or Scarlett!

She's been Daddy's Little Girl since she decided that humans aren't so bad (she was a feral kitten). And Daddy could not believe that his little Baby Doll wasn't purrfect, especially when it came to playing with Trent. Even though they are the same age Trent is about twice as big as she is, but he is such a little gentleman and wouldn't hurt any of his sisters no matter what they did to him. But as young un's, he wanted to play and she was a brat even when they did play.

The first time Daddy learned about his Baby Doll, we were sitting in the living room and Ophelia ran up to the top of the cat tree to an unsuspecting Trent and smacked him HARD on the butt. He turned around started wraslin' with her and she started SCREECHING like she was being tortured. Usually when she did this Daddy would come rescue her and Trent would get in trouble (no matter how many times I told him that she was a brat to Trent!). When Daddy didn't rescue her, she stopped playing and just looked at him incredulously like "Didn't you see that Daddy? Didn't you hear me???? He needs to be in trouble!!!". And by then we were practically on the floor laughing because she definitely deserved to be put in a kitty-head-lock for that!
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I guess Linus would have to be the Drama King of my household. If he wants something and can't have it he will actually pout about it. He also likes to torment Pixie to no end, the problem with that being he's only about 1/3 of her size and she will retaliate which usually ends up in him running to me or Sassy for protection....

At sixteen Sassy rules the household, all he has to do is give either of the other two a disapproving look and they start behaving.

Pixie is a funny girl, she sometimes acts more like a dog then a cat.
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It's a close call here between the girls but Lil' Jag (Our current youngster) is currently the Drama Queen but our eldest Kuce comes in a close second. LJ just has to be the center of attention - vocalizing about everything (but then so does Kuce). LJ also lets us 'know' when a neighbors cat is at a door - she has the cutest mews but then again she charges the door (which doesn't impress the other cats).
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Lucky - hands down!
She is another one that not only announces her presence, but demands acknowledgment! She will jump onto bed and let this meow-ow-ow-owww out, and look at me completely still, with her mouth half open, until that I say: "i see you baby, thank you for coming". Only then she will take her position on bed .
Sometimes 3-4 am I wake up with her meowing in the living room.... scared, I get up to make sure she is ok... oh yes mommy, just a round of turbo-scratcher please??
She wakes me up, talks to me, and complaaaains and complaaaainnss anytime I am petting the other kitties. "How dare you mommy? I give you the honor of petting me, and you waste your time on them??
She is too funny - talk about being FULL of personality!
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oh yes, Electra is my drama queen. If one of the boys gets too close to her she freaks out, hissing and snorting , while they sit there and look like "What did I do?"
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I have to add to King Moose's exploits:

He jumps up on the shower curtain rod, then screams for me to get him down. He's not very graceful, so I usually help him get to the floor.

He sits on the bed and makes loud retching sounds, knowing that will wake me up.

What a character!
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There is no doubt that Maggie is my drama queen.

Every day when I come home she flops herself down on floor, gives a huge sigh & stretches. I probably don't help because I always say, "I know you worked hard all day to be so cute & I wasn't even here to notice."

When she gets her shots every year, she will lay on her side & hold her leg up like it's been chopped off. Then if it touches anything she cries this pathetic cry & pulls it back.

When Jordan plays with her she screams like he has killed her. Then when she's in a mood if any one of the boys gets too close she will growl and/or hiss and smack at them. This is when I tell her not to be a brat (I use a differnt word though).
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Neither one of my current pair have shown such attributes, but past kitties have.

Aurora - gorgeous black and white DLH who acted like Heidi's Ophelia. Aurora would beat the tar out of one of her litters mates, then when they turned on her she would run to her feline parents screaming "Save Me!".

Sis had a cat, Monday Monday, who underwent hip surgery after an injury. After recovery would start limping if disciplined.
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I have to add Rocky to the list. I cleaned his ears this morning, and since then, whenever I look at him, he folded his ears down and got this pathetic "are you trying to kill me?" look on his face. When he thinks I'm not looking, his ears are in their normal positon.
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I too have to add a cat this morning. I have noticed over the last week or so that Isaac is becoming a DRAMA king. He will start something with Levi & then when Jordan comes to help Levi Isaac SCREAMS like he is being killed. This of coarse only make it worse because it seems to make Jordan want to attack him more. This morning I told him if he'd stop screaming like a little girl Jordan wouldn't attack him. The funny thing is he picked up very quickly that if he gets attacked I'll come save him. So this morning he screamed & came over by me, looked at the others like, Nah Nah you can't get me I'm by Mommy. So yes he is becoming a drama King, it is quite possible he's been taking lessons from Maggie.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
The thing is he picked up very quickly that if he gets attacked I'll come save him. So this morning he screamed & came over by me, looked at the others like, Nah Nah you can't get me I'm by Mommy. So yes he is becoming a drama King, it is quite possible he's been taking lessons from Maggie.
You got that right! Moose knows when he screeches it will bring me running to see what's going on, which is usually nothing. He looks at me as if to say "I've got you wrapped around my paw!"
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Merlyn is a &%#-stirrer and sneaks up on the other cats and slaps or bites their rear ends, then takes off running so they can't hit him back. Chiam "Screams like a girl" and makes monkey noises when he is nervous or when Merlyn scares him. Sanura wishes all the other cats in my house would die or leave. Sometimes she gets so fed up with the other cats being there that she runs away from home! Sometimes she's gone for several days and the last time she was gone for three weeks. She really hates kittens and when I brought home 5 to be fostered, she got so mad that she lived in the woods for 6 months! I finally had a talk with her, promised her a special place to sleep and eat and she decided she could come home again. She is so snooty that she literally looks down her nose at the other cats and that makes them so ticked off with her! She is a tiny marbled tabby, but you'd think she was a tigress the way she acts!
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