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Meet Berlin

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Here is my newest addition...literally picked up moments ago...she is stressed out,but she will be fine.

She is 8 weeks old.Her name is Berlin,unless I can come up with something better...but Berlin has stuck with me for awhile.I knew I was getting her a few days ago,but didn't post...and all these days,Berlin always stuck in my head when I would think about names.

Anyway here she is.

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Aw, Berlin is a little doll. Here's hoping she settles in really quickly.
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pretty little thing!
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awww she is so cute
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Awww Berlin is as cute as a button!
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She looks so soft and cuddly!
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Thanks everyone.
Oh and I need to make a correction...she is about 11 weeks,not 8 weeks.
She was born March 9th.
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Awww, she is precious Congratulations
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