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FOUND Flm. Pt. siamese NEEDS HOME

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Okay, all. IN case the owner is still looking (doubtful,
but you never do know).

I found a Siamese Male Flame Pt. cat in a feral colony
in Leesburg VA.

Long short, took over care of the colony in Feb. 09
this cat was seen April 08 and trapped Dec 08
for neutering.

There are many trucks that go through
this parking lot and are near where
he lived under a dumpster. So,
he could have been dumped off,
escaped and gotten there, or been trapped in a truck
and ridden to this location.

He was supposed to be feral. He walked into our
trap on May 25. He IS NOT A FERAL!

Had severe dental disease, due to 3 crushed
teeth. Vet says damage consistent with
being hit on purpose by a human. We suspect
a dumping - thrown out of car maybe? Age
range is anywhere from 3-6 yrs now.

His jaw was NOT broken, but teeth were.
Led to him getting severe infection which
he couldn't fight off, as he is also FIV+

He has had all the vet care needed for now.

We are desperately seeking a GOOD home
that will love him despite his FIV+ status
and won't be afraid to take him on.

His blood panels are normal, no kideny or
liver issues. He is Feluke neg. He
is up to date on rabies, de-wormed,
de-ear mited, and will soon have a bath
and a photo shoot.

He has 1/2 a jaw of teeth left, and the vet
isn't sure that these won't also have to be
pulled at some point from dental disease,
but he is optimistic it won't happen for
several years yet, if we take care of his
diet and teeth.

Sweet boy is great with other cats, mellow
and laid back.

He is JUST coming out of
his shell of extreme fear, and learning that
humans aren't here to hurt, but as his
dim memories of love tell him, we are here to HELP.

Once he knows you he will chrrup, meow and
beg for lap and love time. He is cuddle bug

Given what he just went through,
the vet staff is so surprised! His feral caretakers
from before who left, can't tell me how surprised
they are either.

He is completely non aggressive with other cats
- as far as I can tell. He would be good in a home
with someone who LOVES and UNDERSTANDS the
Siamese breed's need for people and love.

He CANNOT be placed via Siamese Rescue, they
do not intake FIV+ cats, unfortunately.

All his medical has been done, and he will go
to a good home, with a donation made to
the Humane Society to help defray his medical
expenses and help them help other needy cats.

We do not have pictures yet, but when we do,
I will post them on Flickr for everyone to look at.

In the meantime, please, please, please
if you know of anyone who loves this breed
and would make a *responsible*
*caring* owner for a cat that has been through a
hellish experience, let me know!

There is room for transporting to a qualified home.
(This means we will check out all potential adopters
to make sure everything is on the up and up.)
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How can people be so cruel?
The poor baby.
I imagine he looks something like Nova but with shorter fur.

I hope you're able to find a wonderful home for him.
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Yes, he does LOL. Nova has stronger color, but
less "pointing" than Harley. (I renamed
him from his former feral name of Snowball.)

Harley is more wheat colored and v. pale,
but has quite a dusting of this color contrasting
with his creamy white coat.

He seems to like the name Harley, LOL.

He will be going to the best home I can find.
I cannot fathom animals being dumped, or
someone being cruel on purpose. He is
VERY afraid of whistling. Someone might
have whistled and hurt him while doing so...

Horrible thought! But he's safe now!
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I don't understand people most days. Hopefully you can find him a very good home!
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What about listing him on a special needs site? Looks like this group posts listings for FIV+ cats:

It might also be worth posting about him on the Best Friends Network in Va.
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Oh, I do so hope you find a good home for this poor guy. I'm having a tough time understanding how someone could be cruel to him.

With his coloring, he will probably attract some interest despite his health issues. Please keep us updated. I have a soft spot for Siamese (all pointed cats, really), and if I lived closer I'd be tempted at least to help foster him until you found a permanent home.
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Thanks all ... I'm not to proud to take ANY help
finding a GOOD home. Some people do terrible things.

His name may have been "Harlie" "Arlie" or Marley.

He responds SUPER well to "Harley".

He is doing okay, though there's puss in the
ear canal from his jaw/tooth surgery I guess.

He does have Convenia anti bio shot on board,
that is like a 14 day antibio treatment. We may
need additional ... not sure.

Meantime, working on getting a bath and photo shoot,
and then on posting him on all the rescues I can
think of. This boy REALLY deserves a good home.

He get on amazingly well with Snorkel the basment
kitty (also FIV+) whom I took in when he was
left intact roaming by careless owners that foreclosed
and left him behind (took their dog though).

Sigh. Maybe I can pair them up. Snorkel is just
an amazing kitty. Everyone meets him loves
him, but I can't find anyone who will keep him
due to FIV+ state...

And I already have (3) ferals indoor/out and 1
non adoptable semi feral girl (short legged)
that is bonded to me.

Boy, I'd love to find them a home together!

Vibes and prayers everyone, vibes and prayers!!
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So, Harley is getting better now. Off his pain meds, not doped up, the teeth obviously aren't hurting him as much as before. Now unfortunately, he wants to go OUT! No, no NO Harley! No more out for Harley. He obviously
didn't do well before when get got out....or was let out.

So, he has to stay inside. snorkel doesn't much like to share quarters, I think they will come to blows at some point, because he really wants to chase
Harley and Harley (who is much smaller cat) doesn't like that!

But Harley is VERY playful. I was told he might be 3-6 - I htink he's closer to 3 in age. Snorkie is prob. closer to 6 in age....

Nonetheless they are okay pretty much together - which is amazing, considering Snorkie tries to eat my cats every time he gets out of
the basement and sees them, LOL!

Send vibes for his continued healing and good health, and PLEASE for findinga HOME where they won't worry about his FIV+ status.

He has great charm. He was prob. owned or cared for by women, he
is very afraid of some men. He goes stiff as a board when I carry him
upstairs, and let Mike pet. Obviously, Men abused him at one point in time,
but because he trusts me not to let someone hurt him, he puts up with
the handling. Somewhere along the line he prob. was handled by men and women, its just the trauma of whatever happened outside that he
is displaying....

Time I hope will heal that portion of it...

His tail is all greasy ... I am not sure but I think its like over active
oil and some type of maybe auto oil or tar? Is that stud tail and does anyone know what to do for that?
How to shampoo it clean? Or put cream, or what??

Thanks all!!
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I don't have any experience with stud tail, but I believe there is a (prescription) shampoo available if that is indeed your problem. Your vet may have other suggestions as well.

Pure speculation here, but I wonder if stress aggravates that condition? (In other words, I'm hoping that medical treatment plus time and TLC will help to alleviate the problem.)
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Moko: Thanks. I researched it a bit, and he's going to the vet
on saturday am, so I am going to ask him then. Buy some
shampoo from them too. I will meantime try a chorohexidine (sp?)
surgical pre scrub they say you can use, just on his tail. See how
he does with a bath, LOL. Bet you we are both going to be wet!

He's doing great otherwise. He was abused by men, is quite
afraid of men. Okay with strange women, learning to relax.

High hopes he'll home fast if we advertise him heavily and
of course, we aren't letting him go for FREE - no bunchers,
b listers or animal dealers need apply! No irresponsible
owners either. Vet checks, references and a home visit
required, along with a contract from the humane society.

Some one good surely will find a place in their heart
for Harley boy.

Vibes from all of you please!
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You and Harley are in our thoughts.
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