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Should I seperate male kitten from female kittens?

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Im not entirely sure Im posting in the right place but here goes. I have a question, I got advised from the vets to seperate Amadeus from my two girls before hes neutered. He was born in Febuary (as well as Symphony they are brother and sister) Nefertiti my other girl is 8 weeks. Should I seperate Amadeus? Him and Symphony get on so well but havn't been amerous.. mmm.. yet ! Perhaps I could seperate them when I leave the house? Any opinions on this! Also Amadeus and Symphony are a bit insepreble if I shut one in the kitchen without the other they start meowing and scratching the door. What can I say? They're in love but I just don't want them to er be that much in love ! :P Help ^_^??!!
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If they are not fixed yet, yes seperate them...unless you want kittens. Some vets won't neuter till 6 months of age but it can be done earlier than that. You may want to look into that.
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I would love kittens but there in lies the problem Try as I might to convince myself (and others) that I'd sell them on, I know deep down I would be too tempted.
The thing that concerns me about neutering before six months is if they are developed properly and if it they wern't that could cause damage? It's not some thing I have any facts on just my thoughts a lone. I think I might ring around vet practices to see if any would take him sooner.
Awww 10 kittnes ooh the possibilities hmm if only I was richer and lived in a big big house. lol!!!!
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My Yoshi was fixed and 3 months and it was the best thing I ever did.
I could not take the chance of him getting Coco preg.
She could not be fixed because of all her problems.
Yoshi ended up normal but I lost him at age 5.
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the earliest pregnancy I've ever heard of was with a 4 1/2 months old cat (!), which is probably very seldom.

Personally I think it wouldn't be good for Amadeus to be seperated- with whom is the poor guy supposed to play with? He needs his sister's and Nefertiti's company badly.

I'd either get him and his sister neuterd asap- early age neutering has been done for the last 20 years and to my knowledge there's no medical reason not to. The younger a cat is the faster it will recover from the neuter, so an early neuter also does have its advantage.

If you feel unhappy about (which I can also understand) this the other option would be to give Symphony the anti-baby pill for a short while and have her neutered with 6 months.

Nefer at 8 weeks is definately too young at the moment to get pregnant- if you consider giving her the pill this could wait in my opinion untill she too is 16 weeks old.

The anti- baby pill should not be given over a longer period of time or replace a neuter- but as a short term solution I'd definately prefer it from seperating Amadeus.


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if he's over 2.5 lbs he's big enough to be altered, but maybe not rabies shot. Don't separate him as it could affect his socialization in a very negative way. I have unaltered three month olds together and nothing naughty seems to be going on.
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You don't have to separate them until 3-4 months old. Start keeping an eye on things after they are 3 months old. They do need important social time with each other and mom to be mentally and physically ready to leave.

My Oci breeder allowed Jack and his sister to play up to the time he was neutered which was 4 1/2 months old (she watched them after 3 months). The other two brothers had gone to their homes at 3 months old and she didn't want to separate the remaining kittens unless Jack was showing signs of being a male - luckily they were happy together with no problems.

I would especially be more concerned with mixed sexes playing after 4 months old!
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Some posts in this thread were more about Breeding and were moved to a new thread in the Breeder's Forum:
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Thanks for all your advice ! =) Amadeus is due at the vets today for his injections, they were born in Febuary but were quite small when I brought them home from the pet shop. (Amadeus and Symphony). I think that pill idea sounds like the best idea though I'm going to ring around vets to see if they will neuter him before six months. I definatly feel reluctant in seperating them till August when he reaches six months seems too harsh and far too long and yep the socialization aspect. Note to self, never get a male and female kitten at the same time LOL!!!!!
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Hi RussianKitten,

I'd really be interested on which solution you settle with in the end with your vet- so please keep us posted .

Remeber that boys can still mate for a few weeks after being neutered!

At any rate I'm glad you won't be seperating him from his play mates, I also think that would be a bit harsh on the poor little guy.


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