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My parents live on a remote Indian reserve on Vancouver Island. They don't have a feral pet problem such as some other reserves have as it is very small, and everyone takes responsibility for their own pets. Somehow, however, cats end up at my parents place from time to time. They must be some well-traveled cats; either dumped in the woods by ex-owners, or escaped from the campground down the beach.

My parents have rescued about 7 cats in the 20 years they have lived there, keeping one female and one of the kittens she had after she moved in. They also have an elderly, unwell, cat who is not long for this world.

The latest stray to take up residence on their porch is called Sixtoes, for obvious reasons. He is a very large, un-neutered tom who is a big love-bug. He is silver tabby, medium/long haired. They just have no room for one more cat, and he won't stop fighting with the indoor cats if he is allowed inside. Our options are to deliver him to the SPCA or try to find him a home. No-one is looking for a new cat at this point among our acquaintances, and the SPCA has a ton of cats.

I guess, since he has 6 toes on all feet, that he may be a good candidate for adoption, but he does need to be neutered. I don't know if that would cause problems at the SPCA. If necessary, my parents would pay to have him neutered prior to homing him; but they absolutely can't take on another cat at this time. He has to go.