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What a day!

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I know that its supposed to be TGIF but, I got MY Friday the 13th, a week early.

We are supposed to use the DOS system, on Fridays so, I was not looking forward to today. Got into the office, at 8:00 and found that BOTH systems were down. We had to tell customers that the systems were "updating" and to call back, in about two hours. Yeah, right. Since we're not allowed to read or anything else, at our desks, all we could do was browse the tech manuals and tell people that we couldn't help them and direct them to the company website.

At 3:00, the fire alarms went off, prompting an evacuation of the building. There we were, standing around outside, in 102 degrees. Finally, they let us back in and - lo and behold - the systems were UP!

At least, I could do something! My first call, though, told me to do something that was not only obscene but, physiologically impossible. Good thing, that she hung up on me.

4:30 came none too soon, today.
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I'm sorry you had such a s***ty day!
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I am sorry that you had a crappy day. I had mine yesterday. So i know how you feel. Thank GOD for the furbabies. They made me feel a lot better last night.

Hope your next working days goes a lot better.

Love my kitties
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Sherral! What a potty mouth you're got for being a pastor's wife!LOL!

Cindy, sorry your Friday was so...um..what Sherral wrote!
At least tomorrow is Saturday, right?
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Sometimes everything goes wrong on the same day! I hope your weekend will be great!

PS. How are the twins?
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We have blocked out Saturday, to go down and see the kids and my best friend, Katey. She broke a couple of vertebrae, a couple of weeks ago and needs some cheering up. I haven't been able to get down there, since December.
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Hi, Cindy. I can sympathize - I've had days just like that. I was offline for a bit because my computer needed repairs, so I'm not current on things. Is it safe to assume that you decided not to move out? How are the twins and new parents? Hope your weekend is better than Friday.
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I'm sorry you had such a bad day!
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No, I'm not moving. Bill and I patched things up.

The weekend has been better than expected, despite some bad news. We went to Benson, to see the kids. The girls are both over 9 pounds, already. Their cheeks are SO chubby! As soon as I download the pix, I'll get them up. They were asleep, the whole time we were there.

We went on down to Tombstone, to see Katey. Besides breaking her back, a friend of ours was found dead, this morning. Gypsy was sitting up in a chair, with a newspaper on her lap, when her housemate found her. At least, it looks as if she didn't suffer. Gypsy was Katey's "on-site" friend, driving her when she's sick and helping with the dogs.

The dogs were happy to see us. When we got home, Ike sniffed us both all over. He recognizes the smells of his siblings and mother.

We strolled around town, chatting with some of my old friends, showing off the pictures of the twins and telling them about my WONDERFUL new job.

One of my friends works next door, to the cyberslut. SHE was standing out in front, as I was coming down the street. When it saw me coming, it darted back into the store, like a prairie dog down its hole. OMG - it outweighs me, by at least 30 pounds and has THREE chins! On top of that, it has its hair cut just like mine! How weird is THAT? Of course, mine is getting cut, next weekend.

I made sure that my friend saw the pictures and knew about my job (Lorie is one of the biggest gossips in town!) I'm sure that she ran next door, as soon as I was out of sight.

To top it all off, there were two more checks, in the mailbox, today. The overage is now up to $116. I'm going to start putting the overage into my credit union account. That way, if I have to give it back, I'll have the interest.

Except for the news about Gypsy, today MORE than made up for yesterday!
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I know exactly what you are going through since I worked at a call centre for a credit card company for close to 2 years. We used to mark our calendars when it was going to be a full moon because we would get the worst calls on that day!

I absolutely hated when our systems were down, since every customer would expect me to call them back when our systems went back up. Then they would start yelling at me when I told them I could not do that since this was an inbound call centre!

I think by the end of my 2 years of working there, I was called every name in the book and then some!

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