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Updated Doberman (7 months old)

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Well, she won't be 7 months for a couple weeks, but close enough!


Athena and Thor in the car

Me attempting to drive. When people say Dobermans are a velcro dog they aren't kidding!!!!! She has to touch me no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

My little sister is taking her to dog 4H this year. She tried to take my mom's Great Dane twice but he attacked a dog! Not enough to harm it but enough they had to pry his mouth off a poor little Golden Retriever My mom's pretty upset about him doing that, he's never shown aggression towards a dog before So my sister gave up on him and is taking Athena.


She did pretty well for a puppy that had never been around that many dogs at one time.

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She's beautiful!
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she is such a cutie! And yeah we have a huge one at work named Caine that has to be with someone or he cries like a baby! Its so adorable!

Do you think maybe the dane was just trying to be over protective over your lil sis? That would be my guess
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Wow,she is so pretty!
I love her name too...
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You mean that's a puppy?

My friend's Dobie, Penny always has her head hanging over whoever is driving like that and she's always very pushy with her head.
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She's lovely! Her legs still look all gangly puppy too!
I wonder why your mom's Great Dane did that? Something in the strange environment must've freaked him out.
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she is gorgeous! that's great that you are doing the 4H with her! it'll get her well socialized and ready to show if that's what you want to do!
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She is beautiful I have only known one Doberman in my life and I loved her, she was a sweety
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She's beautiful, and looks like she'll be a real champ in obedience if she can stay calm in a new, strange environment
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