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Our newest rescue/fosters!

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I've been so consumed by the deaths of yesterday that I forgot to post photos of new life here at my rescue home. One of the women who works with the group is a sheriff and she was able to trap four BEAUTIFUL (but VERY feral kittens) There is one more out there who hasn't gone for the trap yet but hopefully soon s/he'll join us here!

Three are long hairs, including the calico. One of the orange/reds is a medium hair. They are almost untouchable at the moment. I have never had kittens this feral before.
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she's able to trap that last kitty! (And their mother for TNR!)

What gorgeous little babies! They're young enough they'll come around just fine. Just give them time.

Again, I'm so sorry about the recent losses. It is the hardest part - but when you get a headbump from one of these little babies, it makes even the hardest parts worth all the pain.

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Oh my! They look a lot like the litter that my Lucky Pierre came from!! They had the same posture and look on their faces when I first came across them at about 4 weeks old.

Lucky sleeps in bed with me now. There is always hope for these little ones!!
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No luck on the 5th kitten.

The mother was trapped about two weeks ago and has already been spayed and released, that is how they found these guys, they practically mauled their mother when she came back to the lot.
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No luck on the 5th kitten - yet.

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Sending mega vibes for kitten #5!!!
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Sending vibes from NZ for #5!
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