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Hi! i am new here

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Hello! I am new to this forum and I wanted to introduce myself and my fur babies!
My name is Barb. I live in Clinton, Iowa with my boyfirend and four cats and six fish tanks full of fish.
My cats names and colors(breeds) are:
Twig,2 yrs old, grey tabby male, 15 pounds and king of the house!
Rocket, 1yr 9 mos, abyssinian male, 6 pounds and the prince of the world(so he thinks! LOL!)
Isis, 1yr 10 mos, tortieshell female, 6 pounds, came from the streets feral and coming out of her scared and skittish mode quickly( we've had her for almost a year now) she is the quiet one of the house
Luna, 1 yr 6 mos, all grey female, 8 pounds, came from the streets also, was part of Isis' group of feral cats and both her and Isis were pregnant when I found them and they each had a litter of kittens but Isis' didn't survive and Luna's did but I never got to see them, I waited until the kittens were old enough to eat solid food and then took Luna inside and she's been with us ever since. I wished I could've found her kittens and had them adopted out but I guess you can't have everything.
I love these four monsters and they are SPOILED with a capital S.
they are all spayed and neutered so there'll be no more kittens for Isis or Luna, their mommy days are gone for good!
I wish i could help every cat in our area but I can't afford it and I don't have the room in my house.
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Hi, Barb! Welcome to the only place in the world were everyone can talk freely about their cats. I've been here for two months and thoroughly enjoy all the topics and suggestions.

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Welcome to the catsite! I hope to see you posting in all the forums!
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Welcome!!!!!!! You'll love it here!!!!
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Welcome. This is a great site. The people are friendly and helpfull. Glad to have you with us.
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I enjoyed meeting you and your fur babies!
Welcome to the cat party!
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Barb and "Kids" WELCOME to our "Merry Band" of FELINE FANCIERS !!!!

Most of us are as "Crazy as the Day is Long. . . . "

and some days are LONGER than others. (if you know what I mean. . . . .)

Thanks for the bios, now dig up some pictures to post.

Look forward to hearing from you often;

(Do not buy anything MR. CAT tries to sell you. He is NOT the Mayor of Portland!

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Welcome from Simba and Simba's Mom!
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! I'm very happy to meet you and your feline buddies.

Oooh, cats and fish! Now there's a combination.


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Thanks for all the welcomes! I look forward to posting here and hope I can be of some help to others too!
I promise I won't buy anything from "the mayor of Portland!" LOL!

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i hear what you are saying, we have dozens of strays in our neighbourhood,
when i go out walking in the mornings, i end up sitting on the edge of the street,
cooing to them, and suprisingly most of them come right up to me to be pet !

and how i wish i was rich and had a huge home that i could bring them all to

maybe one day ?!
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Welcome Barb!

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You are going to have a great time here! We're all sane here, NOT!!! But we're a great bunch of people who have one thing in common, we love

Mayor of Portland??? Mr. Cat I thought you were Governor? Wsup with that???

BTW, my daughter Amy, under the name Callie, wants to know WHERE you got Cheshire Cat on the screen. I told her you were a man of mystery with alot up your sleeve. Please enlighten us. I'm curious myself.
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Although the Cheshire Cat is somewhat evasive about just where he lived before coming here, I'd suggest you take a look at URL (Don't tell the Chesire Cat I told you so, but you just might find him hidden deep inside that web site!)


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Welcome to our family!!!! I have been here over a month now and love it!!!! It was great hearing about your fur babies. As far as rescuing goes, there are many of us here so if you need any advice, please post often! Someone can lend you a hand. Anything you do is wonderful, even if it just means the strays in your neighborhood are fed. I have a spare room in my house that I do it one at a time. Our local animal shelter will spay/neuter for free or $10 if you specify you have rescued it. They will also give it a 3 year rabies shot for $8. So, even if you can't keep the cat, your contribution of just getting him/her fixed, makes a huge difference. That way there won't be any new babies showing up on your doorstep. Also, if the cat is friendly, I will put it in the room and post at local vets for a home. If you ever would like any advice, let me know. We don't have to save every cat but we can do it one at a time and there are resources out there to help you. It doesn't take money, just effort. Welcome!
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Hi Barb; Welcome; I'm new here also and I have one question that obviously you figured out but I can't: HOW DO YOU POST AN ORIGINAL POST I KNOW HOW TO REPLY TO POST BUT I CAN'T FIND WHERE IT SAYS POST? WHAT I'M I MISSING??
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I can answer for you. To the left of the "post reply" button, there is a button called "new thread". Original posts are called "threads" so if you post a new post, you start a thread. Then, everyone can reply to you! Hope this helps!
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Hey thanks ttape(steph)!!!! You explained that perfectly!!!!

And welcome BARB!!! Another Iowan!!! YAAAAY.... now there are three of from Noxville, one from Clinton, and one from near Creston!! (me)
So where is Clinton exactly?
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thanks for the link Mr.Cat, i found one suited well for our sweet Darlene
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Clinton Is about 45 minutes from Davenport and about 20 minutes from Dewitt. Where is creston?
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Cool, I've got cats and fish too! What kind of fish do you have? Freshwater, marine? I've got both kinds, and you can see my saltwater tanks on my fish homepage: Jeans Marine Fish
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Oooh! I like fishes, too! I've never kept fishes, because I've been lead to believe it's way expensive. What I'd really like to do is keep salt-water fishes. I'd like to have as small a facility as possible, with the commensurate number of salt-water fishes.

It's only a dream, of course, because something tells me I'd never be able to afford a proper facility. Oh, well!

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Between my boyfriend and myself we currently have six tanks going at once. they are all freshwater ones. He has various catfish, oscars and rainbow fish in his 120, I have a black knife fish, 14 mollies, a betta, 2 algae eaters, 2 flying foxes and a cherry barb in my 55 gallon, I have a 10 gallon that has 20+ baby Mollies in it,(that's my baby tank) I also have 7 goldfish in a 20 gallon,( I can't bear to part with them, they were "rescued" from his Oscars),in another 20 gallon tank, (our sick tank) we have 3 rainbow fish, 2 mollies and 2 weather loaches( we did have three loaches but one jumped out of the tank, I am not kidding it literally jumped out of the tank, and the cats had a nice snack ) and FINALLY in the other 55 gallon tank we have various loaches, ottos and algae eaters. WHEW! That was ALOT to type! LOL!
(this is me, a big wind bag! LOL!)
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I know this is a bit late, but welcome, Jugen!
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Helloo and welcome!!
Just reading about your rescued babies makes me feel bad that I could only rescue one (so far...). I haven't as yet been able to talk my partner into getting a little brother or sister for our Phoebe, but I'm working on it!!!!!

Anyway, once again, WELCOME!!
Cheers from the Emerald city......
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