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Cat Attack!!!

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Hello I have three cats. 2 are siblings that are about 2 and half years of age. one is male the other female, they are both altered. we Recently got another from my sister about 9months ago, he is a 10month old male. The male has not been altered yet but has an appontment next month.
just this night the new male and the female got into a good fight with each other, the female getting nicked in the nose. Normally they are fine with each other and we thought that it might have been that one scared the other. The male then proceeded to come after the female cat again. we have put the male into a carrier and shut him is the bathroom. The female came up from the basement and checked the house to see where the male was. Why would they become hostile all of the sudden and is this something that might continue?

P.S. the female is the dominate one of the house hold.
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You absolutely have to keep the new male kitten separate from the other two till he is neutered.......
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Originally Posted by pmhaines84 View Post

P.S. the female is the dominate one of the house hold.
There may be several possiblities, but nr 1 is the male coming into age as a fertile Tom, tried to be the new nr 1. And she didnt let him.
Very probably here.
Another possibility is he wanted to try. But she was totally uninterested; one word gave another and so they had a fight.

Thus, do what you planned. Neuter him soonest conventient possible. Safest you keep them apart till then. (The males can meet, it is probably ok).
Wait also some days after the alteration before you let them meet. 1. So the hormones will get down. 2. So the smells from the vet do get out...
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