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Just got home from the vet with Smoky

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And he has an upper respitory infection. Has anyone ever used petmeds.com? The visit and tests cleaned me out money wise and I have nothing left for the medicine. I'm trying to scrape up the money for the antibiotic shot but that still leaves the oral antibiotics- they are alot less at petmeds than the vet. plus he needs ear mites medicine too.
The shelter we got the new kitty said they could get us medicine at cost but I don't know when we can get through to them to have them get them. So I thought of petmeds?
Is there any where else I could check to get them less expensive? The vets idea of a payment plan is they'll hold the check for a week- I need more time than that.
Also do any over the counter treatments for ear mites work? Thanks for any help anyone can give me
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There are several on line places to get pet medications. 1-800-pet-meds is one and Healthy pets, I think Reveval has some meds too. Some need your vet to confirm the prescription.
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Here is a link

Discount Meds
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Usually antibiotics arent that expensive, maybe they would let you get it and pay for it later, when I have to get Amoxidrops for my cat its only 6.00 a bottle, for 7 days worth. The antibiotic shots at my vet are 12.00. I have been dealing with a URI for a while in a kitten and I was surprised the meds werent that expensive.
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Wow you're vet has great prices. My vet wants $30 for the shot and $26 for the oral antibiotics. I found the oral at petmeds for $13 and that's with shipping. This was our first time using this vet and I am definetly going to look for another one.
The good news is I heard back from the shelter and they are getting me a different antibiotic which is stronger so we won't need to go the shot route at all. They had their vet call and check with our vet and they are getting me the medicine at cost. And the cost is under $15 so that will make a huge difference.
I'm going to pick it up today so Smoky will be on the raod to recovery!
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Thats great! Im glad to hear that! Hope he will recover quickly!
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