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we just got two kittens, we have had them for almost two weeks. right now they are eating purina one kitten chow because that is what they were feeding them at the shelter where we got them from. one of the kittens is doing just fine but the other kitten has had diarrhea ever since i gave them wet food their second day here (we tried to give them some max cat, that was one of the brands of wet they got there supposedly, but who knows since they had just come in earlier the day we got them and the girls volunteering weren't sure what they had been getting at their foster home) he has been tested for parasites and bacteria so the vet is pretty sure that this is food related. she put him on hills prescription diet but it made him worse! i have backed off the wet food completely for the past few days and it seems to be helping (at least it was until he got into the big cat's food!) he had some more last night but seems more solid today... i did give him some canned pumpkin earlier.

i want to switch them over to natural balance ultra cat and kitten, so i don't have to worry about who is eating what food and can have the whole bunch of them on the same food.

my question here is what is the best way to go about doing this? i know i have one boy who has a sensitive belly and he is still a bit soft with his stools. is it less traumatic to just get this over with at once and start adding a few bits in to their normal kibble or should i wait a month or two and give his belly a chance to settle? i am planning on doing a very gradual change, a teaspoon in with their regular food and upping the ratio bit by bit but i am wary of making gils diarrhea worse! he is such a tiny thing, and i worry about him losing weight. he has been perky, eating well, drinking plenty, playing a ton. he is definantly not gaining as much weight as his brother though, and i am a worrywart. i have never had a kitten who has had food issues like this before so this is new to me and i am not sure how to go about the switch!