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Lots of vibes for your dad
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Oh, wow -- lots of that everything will be ok!!
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He had his scan scan last night and there wasn't much they could tell us. He has to get clearance from his cardiologist for the surgery on Tuesday. He also has a pacemaker and 18 stents so they need to be safe.

Will keep you guys updated

Thank you all again
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Keeping the flowing.
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Dad's biopsy was today and it took about an hour. The doctor said that he would be very surprised if it was cancer. He said cancerous tumors are hard and this was soft. He doesn't know what it is yet but is very positive it is not cancer.We will get the results back Thursday.

I went to see him today and he slept the whole time of course. The doctor said it's like getting your tonsils out but times 10 because it was right at the top of his esophogus.

I just want to thank you all again for your amazing prayers, thoughts and vibesYou all are the best
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That sounds like really good news. Keeping the and prayers up! I hope things just keep getting better!
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Many many prayers headed the way that news continues to be good
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Oh that is FABULOUS news! I mean that it's not cancer - not that it's really painful!

that he recovers quickly and as Pam pointed out - that the news continues to be good news!

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