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My kitten....

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I cant find the pic forum anymore! but.....
I have some new pictures of the kitten! I took them with my phone in my dark apartment, so quality = poor.
For today her name is Razz. Cause that's a type of poker, and my other cat is Cadillac, which is another name for 31. So it makes sense to me.

I love this one, I took it with my phone on saterday on the drive up to arkansas
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Awwww she is adorable! I especially like that color pattern, because it looks like she just came from the a little tiger or something! She is cute!
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what a cutey! You're a lucky person!
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Oh my goodness! I am in !
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Thanks yall! She is a wild child though. And very clingy. Today she cried every time I tried to set her down. She ended up riding on my shoulder most of the day, lol. She loves attention, that's for sure. She brings me her toys if I forget to play with her, lol. I swear though, if there were such a thing as a half bobcat, I wouldn't doubt for a second that's what she is, lol! She just looks cub-like to me. Even her little mohawk, and her multicolor guard hairs. Really, her guard hairs (thats what they are on a horse, anyway. the longer, coarser hairs.) are black at the root, and tan at the tip. It is wild looking.

not to mention the noises she made yesterday when i clipped her nails sounded just like the bobcats in our backyard!
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this is my fav
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OMG she is beautiful!! You can tell she is a wild one. That look in her eyes! Still, she is so stinkin' cute I'd never let her down! I'd probably smother her so much she would be running away from me whenever I came near her.
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She's so very cute!
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What a cutie!
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