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Update on Fisher

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OK - Got a message from Animal Control while I was out (nothing like waiting til the end of the day when there is no time to call back.)

Apparently Fisher was quite pregnant. I am not experienced with pregnant cats so I was in no place to judge. She trumped AC's plans to abort her babies by GIVING BIRTH over the holiday weekend!!! Two healthy kittens!

And I am sick to think they would have aborted full term kits!

Now here is the complicated part. I don't know where Fisher is exactly ... The message said she is going to the local Humane Society. I don't know if she has been transferred yet. I cannot find out ANYTHING until tomorrow morning! Arrgggghhhh!!!! Legally and technically, she is MY cat. So I have a right to know. And we have a place with OUR rescue to place Fish and her babies. Fingers crossed that we can work everything out.

At least she is safe and thank goodness she gave birth... but it hurts me to think she birthed those kittens in that cold, hard, bedless stainless steel cage.

We are going to make sure she and babies have good life- you betcha!
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I am so glad she had the kittens.
I hope you find her soon and get all the kittens.
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Wow I would never have guessed - I'm crossing my fingers that it gets sorted with Fisher fast! and sending vibes!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
Wow I would never have guessed - I'm crossing my fingers that it gets sorted with Fisher fast! and sending vibes!
Yeah - you couldn't tell from her intake picture. They said she ballooned up in the 2 weeks she was there. She is a tiny cat, too.

Thanks for the vibes. What upsets me now is that AC gave away my "property" to another organization. If this is an abandoned or stray cat - ok. But that isn't the case here. And from what I understand from an animal advocate attorney friend - the kits are mine, too.
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We had a spay/abort do that about three weeks ago. She came in on a Thursday for a Saturday spay, and gave birth Friday night! Saturday they open the clinic to find four newborns in the crate with mom.

Please let us know when you get her! I can't wait to see photographs!
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Somewhere, in all of the so-called animal "welfare" system - the welfare of the animals have been left out. They are so concerned about their flippin' policies that nothing else seems to matter.

The Humane Society REFUSED to transfer the animals to us b/c they are not spayed/neutered, we are not licensed by the state Ag Dept. and we are not one of their "certified" foster homes.

We will have to get them through their adoption channels when the animals are "ready." And I got a holier-than-thou lecture from the county HS director via email about rescuing "in our own community!" How about that!!!???

Our rescue director says we will do whatever we have to .. to get Fisher. She is hopping mad.

I can only guess that Fisher and her newborns are in foster care. She never answered my question directly. And I said, you never answered my question directly - where are Fish and the babies?

I am getting more radicalized by the minute here. There is a county board of commissioners meeting on June 8. I will be there for sure. One of the rescuers is an attorney - a litigator. We are talking about forming a lobbying group to affect policy change. I'm in.

ETA: the purchase agreement says legally, Fisher is NOT mine until she is spayed... but the lawyer is looking over the document and thinks there may be a loophole we can exploit. And the drama continues!
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I am absolutely SHOCKED that people can see only black and white, and that gray area is not visible to them.

What is WRONG with these people? You are willing to take this cat and her babies - it's WAY MORE than many would do. Wouldn't it be smarter and more efficient for them to save their foster folks for other needy cats that don't have someone begging to take them?

This is ridiculous - good luck to you! And God bless you!
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That really really sucks. Please keep us updated.
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Originally Posted by Breellablue View Post

That really really sucks. Please keep us updated.
Will do. I found out from an inside source in that county that the woman who heads animal control and the woman who runs the local county humane society are good buds... birds of a feather, IMHO.
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I put names of attorneys in your other post. I have some too that are in private firms. Marshall Tanick from Mansfield, Tanick, & Cohen in Minnesota, and Kate Neiswender of CA who defended and litegated CA's Animal Shelter Law, the nations first law making it illegal to kill animals if recue groups were willing to take them.

Is there any chance that this shelter would be willing to transfer the kitties to the care of another shelter where you foster them? Maybe you could look up some other smaller shelters or licensed foster home networks and see if you could get them to contact the place and help you get the animals transferred? If you offered to absorb all their associated costs, I don't see why they wouldn't- maybe bureaucrazy again- I hope not. The smaller shelters should be more understanding, at least I hope so.
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