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so sad right now.

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I have sad news. After Calis kittens are weaned we have to find Cali a new home. Remember when I posted about her attacking my dog Aries? Well on top of still doing that which I can tolerate and understand, two days ago she attacked my 2 year old daughter twice which I can NOT tolerate. I could understand it if my daughter was anywhere near her kittens but she wasn't she was playing in her room and Cali was sitting in there with her. and all of a sudden out of nowhere she started hissing at her and jumped on her and bit her and clawed her back up pretty bad for no reason. I grabbed Cali and locked her in my bedroom with her kittens. While I was at work my husband told me that my daughter was playing in the kitchen and Cali walked in there and started hissing at her my daughter started crying and ran out of the kitchen and Cali chased after her trying to jump on her back again. I took her to the vet thinking mabey she was in pain or something and when the vet took her out of the kennel she bit him so hard he bled. he doesn't understand why she is doing it either and finds no signs of her in pain. On top of all that she has taken to peeing in my apartment again and is tearing up all the carpet in the corners. She is peeing it so bad my house REEKS like cat urine. I dont want to find her a new home she is my baby Ive been crying non stop about it, but my Daughter's safety comes first.
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Maybe it is just a phase, hormones or something. Did the lab do any bloodwork? Has she had all of her shots including distemper? We had a cat when I was little that did this, and she had distemper.
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Sorry, mom said it was the dog that had distemper.
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yes she is utd on all her shots and the vet did a test for distemper and it came back negative.
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Entire girls sometimes act out, she could be coming into call again or smell an intact boy in the neighbourhood and redirecting agression onto your daughter.

Peeing is another thing entire girls do, but you should still get her checked for a UTI.

ETA, my vet never takes my animals out of their crates they come out on their own or I help them out.
Having a stranger put their hands into the crate of an already scared cat is asking for trouble, I'm not surprised she bit him.
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Maybe think about having her spayed before giving her up? I understand not wanting to have a cat around who is a danger to your child-- but maybe explore more options?
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From what I've seen - many pregnant/nursing kitties become aggressive until after being spayed. We had one at the shelter that would attack anyone (me included - my face twice) - after being spayed, she was fine in a few weeks.
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You know it never even crossed my mind that getting her fixed might "fix' (no pun intended) the problem. I have had an appointment for the day after the kittens are to be weaned which is the 22 of june for her spay for the last 2 months. I hope your all right and she will go back to normal. I want my baby back!!!
p.s, Cali has know dr. K since she was a tiny kitten and has always greeted him affectionatly. (Purring and rubbing). she has never been afraid of him. so It wasn't a stranger to her.
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I would try the spay and see how things go from there. Being in rescue work I know how hard it is to find a good home for an adult cat, and her behavior problems could get worse with a change of family not better. You have a bond with her and I'm confidant if this is just mood swings from hormones that a spay is a step in the right direction.

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Honestly, I think the problem is hormones. She's just had babies. Her hormones are all over the place. She's in protective mommy mode, even if she's nowhere near the babies because that's what her hormones are telling her to do.

Before you find her a new home, get her De-sexed, then give her some time to adjust and see if it changes her. I know De-sexing changes cats, I've seen it happen to mine, they calm down a bit more, not as many hormones pumping around.

Also get her nails clipped regularly, thus she can't scratch. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but perhaps your daughter frightened her or startled her, it's not your daughters fault, it's just with all the hormones going through your cats body, she's probably a bit more on edge.

I can completely understand her attacking the dog though. It's her natural instinct to protect her babies from predators, your dog is probably irritating the hormones more so, and although it's not normal behavior - she's got too much going through her system.

So, yeah, get her de-sexed, her nails trimmed and also ask your vet for some kitty Prozac or one of those sprays that calm cats down. I've heard they work well and can turn even the most vicious feline into a purring furrball and they might be an idea for you.
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I'm preying for you and Cali!
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Can you move up her spay date, or just wait it out until her spay appointment? Maybe the dog set her off and that's all she can think about right now.
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I was thinking that she needs to be spayed. My sister's cat was peeing in her house when she went into heat. Got her fixed & has never had a problem since. I would have her spayed, let her calm down for a while and then see what happens. If she is still attacking your daughter I agree that a new home without small children would be best. Not only do you not want your daughter to get physically hurt, but I think it would be sad if she grew up to be afraid of cats.

Do you have a room she & her kits can be separated in, until she gets spayed? As far as I'm concerned if she needs to be kept in a room to keep her away from your daughter, it will not do her any harm if it is a temporary situation.
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Thank you for all the replies! To answer some questions, I have the spay date set for exactly the day her kittens are ready to be weaned. Ive heard there is a chance if I do it sooner her milk can stop. And I am so appreciative of that idea it never even crossed my mind. And I currently do have her locked up in my bedroom away from everyone except guardian who she still tolerates. But the sad news is today I was getting up for work and cali was waiting for me to fill her water dish like I always do and I went to give her her good morning back scratch and she turned around and bit me. She has never ever bit me before and it broke my heart. Im thinking this is more then hormones and is a jealousy(sp) isuue. I am going to still go through with the spay and see where things go from there. I took her in to get tested for distemper at the animal hospital since they will do more through blood work. I should know the results tommorow. Im praying to god that is not the issue.
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