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FHV and the squits !!

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Constantly stressed owner of Anubis here in need of help !
I adopted 3yr old Anubis along with his kitten now 7mths from Persian Rescue.
We had only just lost my beloved long haired black after a terrible time, but new we would give a good home to another mog and ended up with 2, who came to live with us and Daisy our tabby.
We already new Anubis (Nooby) had FHV and he has had extensive eye grafts and eyelashes removed at a costly price of £3000+. However he came in good spirit and both eyes looked very well. This was shortlived and within 4days we were travelling 200miles to the specialist eye vet as our local vet thought he would lose both eyes. I now realise that the trauma of moving home had triggered the episode and following a course of eyedrops and famvir all started to look rosey.
4mths on, and this is where anyone who has been there can step in, he has had terrible squitty poos for 10 days and has had both poo and blood tests sent for analysis today, as nothing is helping him. He has lost nearly a kilo in weight and guess what...........yep you guessed it, the eye is looking rather deja vu !!
I will of course be contacting both local and specialist vet tomorrow, and assume this attack is due to him feeling crap and the stress of anti-biotics chucked down his throat and vet visits this past week. However I want to find out whether anyone else has experienced the squits along with flare up of FHV and whether famvir can be used along with anti-biotics ???

I would also like to keep in touch with othe owners of cats who have eye flare ups as a result of FHV.
I love both Anubis and his son Berlioz dearly, why do I have such bad luck with my mogs when there are such cruel people around who don't deserve the privilage?? We also lost Daisy a month ago on my birthday, she was my daughters much loved mog, and she never got to say goodbye as she was away on a field trip with school...........its not fair
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I am so sorry for the loss of your kitty, and for your current situation... I have no idea of what FHV is... I am sure some more experienced members will come with advices.
Many vibes for you and your kitties
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Has he been tested for FHV or is the doctor just guessing? There is a very accurate test available here in the states, but I'm not sure if it's available overseas. It could be that your kitty doesn't have FHV at all, but some other condition.
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Yes, he has been tested and its positive. He has already had extensive surgery to both eyes which became ulcerated prior to my adopting him and his son.
I accept the inevitable flare-ups, but am just not getting answers as to whether the squits are related to FHV or something else he has!
I have just returned from my lcoal vet who has confirmed that blood tests were fine which is a relief, the poo test will take about a week. In the meantime its a waiting/hoping game, at the moment he is still very squitty and although hes walking round and drinking, his eye is very watery and hes sneezing, although no discharge.
Hes moved into my daughters room as I think he sees me as the old bag who shoves pills down me and carts me off to the vet every 5 mins.
Thankyou both for taking the time to chat with me as its a great comfort and support. My friends arent cat potty like me and I cant talk to them.
I would love to hear about your mogs, it will take my mind off this awful period. Are americans a nation of cat lovers would you say ?
I hear of terrible cruelty inflicted by so called humans who get bored of caring, take pleasure in inflicting pain and expecting dogs to be their sport.
I just can't understand why i have had 2yrs of losing my precious Persians when others don't deserve them !
t-bear !!
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I am assuming that FHV is feline herpes virus? If so, I have a cat about 2 years old, that has FHV. Most of her life has been sneezing boogers, always congested. and to severe bouts of the diarrea. The last bout was so severe they did not think she was going to make it. She needed IV fluids and pills to make her eat, antibiotics, steriod shots. and pills to make the squirts stop. It is weird with her, I think she also has asthma, but no doctor will confirm it. My husband has asthma and when his flares up so does hers..( this is bronchial asthma due to weather changes) Nothing has affected her eyes yet but she is still young..time will tell!! hope this helped you good luck with your babies. Torrie is the kitty i am talking about..her picture is in my sig and profile
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Thanks for your reply laurie, yes it is feline herpes that i'm referring to.
Anubis has been so poorly over the last 3weeks with diahorrea that following all the different blood and poo tests along with his eyes flaring up, my local vet has consulted a specialist who has seen Nooby for his eyes 200miles away. They don't see any connection with his poo problem being connected to his FHV although they acknowledge that the stress and being unwell with the squits has caused his eyes to flare up ( if that makes sense). The lab has however carried further tests and after a week of growing stuff on his poo now see he has a terrible infection in his tummy and we are now on Famvir and drops for his eyes and more antibiotics for his squits. He has also been on yet another prescription diet Z/D Hills science although he isnt eating very much as yet and he squirted poo across my conservatory this morning !!!
Can I ask what you feed your mog ?
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Hello! I'm sorry to hear about the eye and poo problems you have had with your Nooby. It's hard on the poor baby and his family.

My Aly has frequent eye issues, also. We give him L-lysine daily, sprinkled on his wet food. We give 500 mg for maintenance and up it to 1,000 mg when he is having an episode. We have been doing this for abut 8 months and so far so good. Aly never had any poo problems that I can recall. He eats Nature's Variety Instinct dry and Evo, Fancy Feast Turkey and Giblets and Beef and Liver, and Friskies Country Style Dinner. His brother, Bailey, is diabetic and another of our babies, Baby, has kidney insufficiency so to keep things easier we feed our crew foods both can have. Maybe the lysine would help your Nooby? It might be worth asking your vet about.

Take care.
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Ta so much, its so nice that people care.
I have noted the food you recommend although I dont know whether we have these feeds in the U.K.
The latest is driving me to despair, Nooby's eyes are doing very well which is a relief but he still has terrible squits and mucus poo. The vet has prescribed Z/D Hills food and he hates it. its now Tuesday evening and he hasnt eaten since the weekend. I called the vet who had a right go at me because i poached some chicken and chopped it really small and smeared it on the food to try and tempt him. He still didnt eat it anyway and now she says I have to try to get him to eat it for another 24hrs!!!!
He has gone from 4.9 kilos down to 4kilos and so I'm worried. He keeps running into the kitchen looking for food and watching Berlioz eating scrummy food that he cant have.......i cant bear it, he keeps crying for something else to eat.
I hope my next post is a happier one !
Thanx again for the support XX
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I'm glad Anubis' eye is doing better now. Something else occurred to me. My diabetic cat displays extreme hunger still, 5 months after being diagonosed. He also has had a poo problem. I give him Fortiflora and my vet also suggested Metamucil 1/4 tsp twice a day. His poos have firmed up and are not quite so stinky and frequent. Did you have Nooby tested for diabetes?
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Well, he had blood and poo tests so im assuming that it would have been something they would have spotted as they were baffled and said every possibility had been looked at.
Nooby's eyes are still good and his poo is like curry rather than soup, however he still hates the food and Im sure he is still losing weight as he is eating about 20g rather than the 50g+ that they said he would need. He keeps crying for food and running to the cupboard so I know he is hungry.
The vet got annoyed with me when I said I had mixed a teaspoon of chicken in with it, saying that I was tempting him and thats why he didnt eat the food, and he didnt eat it with chicken in anyway.
He has a checkup on Monday so when we get his weight results I will demand a referral to a specialist if he is still not eating properly and losing weight.
We also adopted Berlioz his son who is now 9mths and is heavier than Nooby!
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hmmmm, well, I don't blame Nooby for not eating the Hills food. I'm not familiar with the ZD formula, but only two of my 20 cats have ever liked the Hills, prescription or regular.

Fingers crossed you can get a referral to a good specialist.
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We went to the vets this morning as I know he is eating no where near what he should be and his squits are not as frequent but very mucusy although I know that he hasnt got enough in him to squit out anyway!
Indeed he has lost more weight and although she agrees with previous vet that his eye is looking great, she is concerned that he doesnt like the Z/D and that his weight is still dropping. She said that she can feel a thickening in his intestine and is unsure exactly why, although is hoping its the fact that he has the squits rather than something else. She has given us i/d pouches to keep us going until monday when she will call Royal Canin to see if their specialist food may help as shes now struggling.
He has wolfed down the pouches as I thought he would and now Im waiting for the explosion out the other end! We have antibiotics to see us through if he gets worse although they havent done anything that i can see as yet.
Please say a little prayer for Nooby as he is such a lovely boy and I cant bear to lose another puss after losing 2 others so soon. His son Berlioz loves him so much and I know he senses his dad is unwell,
Thankyou for your continued support. X
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I don't have wisdom to offer but am sending tons of love, along with feel better vibes, to your precious Anubis.
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Well they must have done a bit of good as he has done a semi solid poo this morning!
although he is on Hilss i/d which I know is only temporary until the vet comes up with a diet to keep him solid and eating, this is good for the time we are waiting.
Does anyone feed their cat Royal Canin prescription food? Nooby is an exotic persian.
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