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a few pictures of our babies

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i'm new here and wanted to share a few pictures of our kitties

this is our big boy, asmodeous (aka momo) he is 8:

he is a little hard to get pictures of, he hates the flash.

these are our two new babies! we got them from the SPCA almost 2 weeks ago! they have settled in happily and are such sweet fun little guys!

rosie (rosencrantz)

gilly (guildenstern)

both boys!

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this is our big boy percy who passed away in feb... i will make a thread for him in crossing the bridge eventually but i still have trouble even looking at his pictures so i will wait a bit for that he was the most patient sweet kitty!

and our housemates two boys, black and white nacho and mostly black jack:
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Seems like you've got a house full there! And they're all beautiful. I love how Rosencrantz & Guildenstern (very much alive I hope ) are cuddle buddies. They look like twins.
Momo has some seriuos fluffiness going on there - I hope you rub his tummy often!
Percy looks like he was a very sweet, patient cat with your children.
Welcome to TCS!
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awwww.... what sweet photos I'm sorry about your Percy

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thank you both!

pushylady... percy was the best cat with both my kiddos, but he just adored our little girl. he slept on her bed until we went down for the night, then he loved to sleep under the covers.

the babies are very snuggly with each other, they seem to prefer to sleep in a pile. i love it! it makes for great pictures (and hey, they don't die till the end of the play!)

momo LOVES to have his belly rubbed! with your hand, your face, your foot, he does not care as long as he is getting petted.
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Aw, what is better than a house full of beautiful cats? I'm sorry about your beloved Percy. He looks like he was a sweetie.

Momo has some serious gorgeous fluffitude going on, and the babies are so cute!

Nacho and Jack are super-cute, too. I love me some black kitties.
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So, so OMG cute!!!!!!!
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They are all adorable!
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Thanks for sharing!!
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Wow! Gorgeous cats! I love the two new boys and how close they are. So sweet.

I am a total sucker for b&w tuxedo kitties (as you can tell by the pics of my cats) Your's looks alot like my RB kitty Sydney. Made me sniffle. I miss him.

I am so sorry for your loss. I would love to hear more about Percy once you feel able to share. He looks like a special boy.
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