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Arh help! My kitten is not a kitten!

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Well this morning I thought that that itty bitty ball of black fluff in the pet shop window was a kitten but it seems I am very much mistake. Yes it seems I have bought a cuddle monster. She hasn't left my lap all evening and even when I get up to go into the kitchen she starts hugging onto my legs it's just the cutest thing. And if I stop stroking her she looks up at me with a shocked look on her tiny face and mews (well its not really a mew shes so tiny she just opens her mouth like shes going to mew) Awww help I think my cuddle monster is killing me its just too cute ! It's so nice really after all Amadeus and Symphony come to me when they want but most of the time they are too occupied and involved in each other to pay any attention to me (not that I mind) but aww Nefertiti me thinks we going to get a long just fine
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Awww........... We brought home food vacuums.

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Aww...You're lucky. I'd love a lap kitty, or snuggle bunny kitty. aya seems to feel the need to express her affection through biting. 'I luv U- CHOMP!'
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You are so lucky! Daisy will only cuddle when she's very, very sleepy. And Speck thinks he's a big cat, above all that affection and totally independent, except when he's hungry...
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I just hope that she doesn't grow out of it. This morning I woke up with the fury little fluff ball right next to my face, I opened my eyes and she started purrring. I think I died and went to heaven. !!! I think Nefertiti is most certainly ment to be here with the three of us. Shes a little unsure about Amadeus and Symphony still (can't blame her poot babys only been here a day)!, she looks as though she wants to pounce but when Amadeus trys to play back she hisses at him and runs under the table. Earlier she saw a reflection of herself in the mirror and started hissing at it. Oh dear lol Shes so adorable lol.
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Thats awesome!! My 3rd one is my cuddle buddy too. The others will cuddle but not often. Rocko LOVES to cuddle and be close. He puts his little paw on me to get my attention, he is so cute.

I am so glad Princess Nefertiti is your cuddle buddy...every meowmy needs at least one!
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Now did you buy a cuddle monster or a cuddle bug??? It can be hard to tell. Both often dress up like cute little kittens to fool you into taking them home.
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