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Good Behavior!

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Just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am to be owned and loved by my buddies Toby and Fifi. I grab them against their will to give them hugs and kisses and they HAVE NEVER EVER scratched or bit me! I'm just amazed that these cats that I rescued from my backyard from a feral mother cat could be so sweet and docile. I have had my fair share of experiences with cats that scratch and bite that belonged to family and friends so when I think about those cats and then mine.....I just feel very happy and blessed to have them in my life! Sorry about this but just felt the need to share that with you all. Thanks! I guess you could all write down what behavior you guys love about your fur buddies.

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It's a wonderful feeling isn't it! I've never had a cat that would bite my face regardless of how frustrated it was so I guess I've been fortunate.

I was just saying to hubby last night that Bijou is so tolerant. He loves to lay on his back on the carpet with hind feet stretched straight out and his front legs in the air with the feet curled down. I get down on the carpet and snuffle/kiss his neck and he'll raise his head so I can get to his neck more easily, rub my face against his cheeks, kiss his cheeks, gently pull his whiskers between my lips and kiss his belly. He just lays there with his eyes closed and purring so loudly you can hear him across the room.

When my brother stayed with us for a couple months, he couldn't get over how laid-back and gentle Bijou was. When he was a kitten he was a little scroundrel though, he would chase my feet and bite my ankles. It took a lot of hissing on my part and blowing in his face to stop that behaviour but it sure was worth it.
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happy don't they? Yes, they are a lot of work and sometimes cost a lot of money (vet bills). But I will never be without a cat or two. They love you no matter what. I had a beautiful female cat who just showed up at my door years ago. Odamae (O-da-may) was a long hair tuxedo. What a sweet girl. My dad used to say in jest "I think she is one of our dead relatives come back as a cat". I was going through some rough times then. When I would cry, she would run over to me and literally lick the tears off my face. I still grieve her. She and 8 other of my furry friends are buried behind our barn, complete with crosses. Nice to hear I am not alone in the deep affection I feel toward my critters!
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Looks like the feeling is mutual between all of you! they look so cute laying like that on the bed.
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