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Daily Question: May 26/09

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Good morning fellow catfolks....

I get the privledge of posting your daily question. Forgive me if its already been asked, k,

Since it's my first DQ, I'll keep it light...

Do you have any tattoos and did they hurt?

I have many tattoos. Both ankles, right calf is covered except for background work, front of right thigh, left breast, both biceps and started my full back.

Painwise, the one on the back of my calf, up towards the back of my knee, hurt a bit. (I'm not looking forward to finishing my leg LOL.... I actually think the back of the knee will make me cry...)

The one on my upper thigh, there was one spot on my inner thigh that hurt a bit too.

That's bout it....the rest didn't really "hurt".
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Yes I have three tatoo's all of celtic design. As I recall they did sting a bit when I was getting them but didn't hurt all that badly.
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No tattoos here, but I have often thought about getting one.
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I have a cat silhouette on my ankle, and a hummingbird on my breast. I don't remember them hurting. I want to get a Red Wings wheel on my wrist. I'm off work for 2 1/2 weeks because of my back...I should probably do it now, since I can't scrub anyway!
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None here, which honestly, seems kind of odd even to me, because I really, really appreciate good tattoo work.
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25 odd I think, some professional some not.
None hurt, some were more uncomfortable than others though

I do have plans for more, both new work and coverups of some smaller, badly done ones.
Once my cover up work is done, I'll have my larger bad pieces removed, then work on sleeves and back

It'll take years though because my prefered artist is in Seattle and I want to work the sleeves and back to fully incorporate existing work so that is seamless.
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Oh My!...
this one at least that I afraid so much!...
the pain of the needless.......

Not Tatto here!...
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I don't have any tattoos... Though I have had some henna ones done before!

I tried to talk hubby in to getting a henna one with me a bit ago in Hawaii, and if he had, we'd both have a fading one now, but nope!
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Nope, none here. I'm afraid of the pain and the permanence!
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Nope! I tend to be sensitive to weird things and end up with sensitive/sore odd looking scars (thank you for ugly scars gallbladder surgery, I'll certainly never expose my belly around people ever again). I don't have a single piercing either.

I have no problem with others getting tattoos, though, I often wonder what some people are thinking when the artist's work is rather lacking...
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I have seven tattoos, the most painful one I had done is on the lower back going across the spine.

I've got two on my back, one on each ankle, one on my right arm, one on my stomach and one just above the right breast.

I plan to have another one done soon, but haven't quite decided what to have yet
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Yep! I've got three. One on my foot, one on my hip, and one on my shoulder. They weren't too bad, but I will never get another one on my foot! That one sucked!!!!!!
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There's a couple I want badly, but I want them full color and just haven't had the money to get them done. Maybe once I'm making better money.

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I've always wanted a tattoo but can't decide on the design----either a Chicago Cubs emblem or something Celtic. I've never had one done because I'm a blood donor; after a tattoo you can't donate blood for a year.
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yeah i only have 1 in the middle of my back. My best friend and I got matching tattoos, its the symbol for our fave club in DC....many would ask why the symbol for the club? well because it has alot of meaning for us, it symbolizes all the great times we had there, all of the great friends we made, so theres alot of meaning in that for us, its like a part of our lives that we will never forget.

its the only tattoo i have, i really cant think if anything else. But its in between my shoulder blades in the mid-top part of my back, and it didn't hurt. The outline was a little uncomfortable tho.
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Good tattoos can be quite impressive, but I have never felt any inclination to have one.
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No tattoos here, not really my thing.
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I have a blue sun on my lower back..and I still love it 10 years later! It hurt..but not enough to cry
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I don't have one but wouldn't mind one in the future.
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4 here.... Three on my lower back, and one on my ankle...... and for you whop say they don't hurt... Are you mad? God, they hurt like hell and back! Next time I will make sure to take some major pain pills with me: "hey doc, can I have a prescription for some vicodin? The thing is, I am having this tattoo done tomorrow, and I really, really need it..." I can see my doc's face!
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