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Ace and William update

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Hi, I haven't been here in a while; I have been doing a lot of kitty rescue and now that some of my rescues are sick, here I am posting (in another thread) for help. Anyhow it is good to be back, and for anyone who remembers my Ace and William, here is a little video I took of them yesterday. They are so beautiful.
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You're right. They are a handsome pair. I also looked at your "sick kitties" videos. Aw, poor stuffy babies!

They seem to be in good hands, though!
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I see that Ace and William are still snuggly buddies!!

Your enclosure is very cool. Do you set it up for the winter to keep the wind/snow out, or has this become a year round shelter for them?

Edited: never mind the question - I was able to listen to the video and heard you say that you are taking down the shelter soon. That's such a great winter spot for them!
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They are adorable! The seem so bonded. What a lovely pair. I love how Ace moved to be closer to William. And, of course, I am especially partial to William, assuming he's the black cat.

I looked at Mama and her babies, too. They are so cute. Sorry that they are sick.
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Awww thank you! Yes, William is the black one.

On their enclosure, all we did was remove the top canvas to our 10' X 10' gazebo and put a large swimming pool cover over the entire thing. Then we used clamps to secure it and plants/bricks to anchor it around the bottom. It is pretty messy now, having gone the whole winter with them in there. It stays super warm in there during winter. I use outdoor heating pads too, and they have their little heated houses for the worst weather.

On the sick kitties, the worst is yet to come. My own 12 year old very obese cat Bell, came down with it this evening and she sounds really awful. She is breathing raggedly and heaving/trembling with each breath. I am in the depths of despair about this, so upset that I was unable to sleep at all last night (hence all these postings!) I look at my cats and feel so stupid and naive to have exposed them.

Also my Lola has the sniffles and my cat Toby is starting to get it too.

The Abby cat is incrementally improving, at least I hope so. I learned she has the 'limping calicivirus' strain b/c I noticed her limping and not moving yesterday and talked to a friend who told me about this strain.

I have gone to extreme lengths to try and isolate my cats from the rescues, but I'm positive it was spread under the door of the mom/kittens' room in the first couple days they were here.

Now I am trying to keep my patio door closed and hoping against hope that the outside kitties do not get it b/c I am unable to touch Ace.

At least the vet who treated Abby is also an at-home vet. I may be seeing her in the next day or two.
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