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Daily Thread Tues May 26th

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Morning peeps!

I have a furry animal on my lap..she is burrowing to get more comfy I love her little furry self.

Nothing much going on today. I am going into hyper mode tomorrow...one month from the wedding!

Tonight I think I will do some weights if the gym is open...tomorrow I am off to the spa for my friends wedding celebration

Anyhoo, should be warm and sunny today..you all have a good one!
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Nat I can't believe how close your wedding is.

Yesterday was a very relaxing day. We did NOTHING.

Today I have to catch up on laundry.

DS slept great and after talking to his bears and owls he is down for a nap.

The cats are annoyed that the weather is yucky. No outside for them today.
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Morning All!!

Guess the weather doesn't really knows what it wants to do here today, one minute it's sunny the next cloudy.

Heading off to work shortly, have a bit of cataloguing to do today so that should be interesting.

Nothing special planned for afterwards, just home and some household chores.

The kitties are good this morning, all window-watching right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning!

Been at work since 5:36am, which means if I get everything done within my 8 hours, I can leave before 2pm I dont know how I managed to get up so early considering I'd been sleeping in since Saturday.

Its supposed to be about 83ºF today, with a 50% chance of storms (welcome to the entire week's forecast). Its already 75ºF and it's only 9:30am!

After work I'll probably finish laundry at home, vacuum, run the dishwasher, and relax. Then it's Maury at 5, and pole practice at 6:30. Not really looking forward to it though, because my two instructors are in the Bahamas, so we have the junior staff instructing this week. My shoulder blade also has a kink in it that's been driving me crazy the last 5 days!

Have a beautiful day
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Good morning folks....

It's damp and a bit windy here, chance of rain later and by the way I feel I'd say there's a good chance.

My daughter has her annual inspection tonight for army cadets.... she's very excited. Me and my hubby will be there, as will my DD's dad and his woman.

I have to get some groceries later on today.... that's bout it for today.
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Good morning guys!

Wow, I haven't done a daily thread since last summer! What can I say, I'm a summer girl... Work is WAY too busy the rest of the year to do anything! It's only just starting to slow down a bit, so I thought I'd pop on and say hello!

Let's see... Don't have many plans today, just work. Did a lot of house work and yard work over the weekend. We redid our garden! Tore up the weed patch the grass had become, redid the stonework, put in tan bark, and seeded a new lawn. So today I intend to go home and admire it!

I hate to whine, but my biggest issue today is I'm breaking out in a bad case of poison oak! Add that to the ring worm I caught from my foster kittens, and my skin looks . The ring worm isn't bad at all, but boy the poison oak is driving me CRAZY!

Evie is doing well. She wasn't as cuddly today as usual, but I got some lovin' in the morning! Have I mentioned how much I love that girl? She's always makes me feel SO loved.

Nat, WOW! Your wedding is in a month! I'm very excited for you, I remember back when you got engaged, time sure flies! Congratulations!

Have a great day, everyone!
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