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Which Vaccines??

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HI, I know that there are quite a few threads in here about vaccines, but I was hoping for specific advice in regards to Bugsy and Lucky - I am taking them in the next couple of days to get their shots.
Here is their profile:
Turned 1 in March, and took both Rabies and FVRCP last May.
Bugsy turned 2 in the beginning of May, and his shots were done June 08.

They both go out on my building's garden suppervised, and have no contact with other cats.

I currently have a foster, but she is UTD on her shots.

So.... What should I get?
Rabies only? Should I ask for the 1 or 3 years?
Should I also get the FVRCP?? If so, which one is the best choice: the FVRCP, FVRCP-C, or the 5-in-one, that includes Leukemia?

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My vets will only do the 1 year rabies non-adjuvenated vaccine (by Merial-I think). I have been told it is probably good for 3 years itself. From what I have read the 3 year is more dangerous. When I got Kody from the shelter they wouldn't let me take him to my own vet and they vaccinated him with the Ft. Dodge 3 year vaccine that his breeder later told me not to have used. So now I am paranoid.

My vets only do the other shots every 3 years anyway.

When I took Kody in for his annual last week they didn't recommend any vaccinations.

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Mine do vaccines every three years as my cats are indoor only. The rabies is a one year as my vet doesn't like the 3 year, it causes more probelms than what its worth.

Even though your cats go out supervised you should still ask your vet. I wonder if some illness can be contracted through the grass or plants after an animal has rubbed against it, that would be my concern. Better safe than sorry.
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3 yr for both is what it typically done here ... the one yr rabies is a touch safer if it is the special one otherwise it is just like the three yr...
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I have 2 cats. Both are inside only kitties, and I do not expose them to other cats either directly or indirectly IE: foster or volunteer at a shelter or work with animals.

Each of my cats have had their initial kitten shots, but no boosters after that. My vet is fine with that. They weren't even required to get shots prior to going to the vet for checkups and/or surgery.

Now, if I were to travel with my cats, they would require up-to-date vaccines such as distemper and rabies.
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I would never do the 4 in 1 or 5 in 1, far too many incidents with those for me to use them on my cats. I don't know anyone who uses above 3 in 1 anymore.

We don't have rabies here, so obviously mine don't get that shot.

My entire cats 3 in 1 yearly, the show cats every 2 years and anyone else every 3 years.
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I'd do the 3 in 1 and rabies for Lucky since he is just turning 1 year old and nothing for Bugsy except for a routine physical exam. My vet recommends to do kitten shots, then boosters at 1 year old and then never do any kind of shots again because they are immune for life after the 1 year. This is for indoor cats, for outdoor cats my vet recommends to do boosters every 3 years and do chlamydia and FeLV vaccine so 5 in one instead of 3 in one just in case because they have a lot of exposure. But that doesn't apply to Bugsy and Lucky since you said they are indoor. I am firmly backing this and my local news just did another report on fibrosarcoma from over vaccinating, so it just proves to me even further that it's the way to go.
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My cats do not get the Rabies Shots since they are indoor.
Cleo had the Rabies shot before I got her.
I need to find out if she still has to get it.
The others get the Rccp Shots and that it except Coco who can not ahve shots anymore.
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Ok, I discussed with my vet the fact that both of them go outside supervised, with no contact with other cats. He said that they don't need the leukemia shots, as leukemia is not transmitted through casual contact - cats need to fight, eat from the same bowl, or use the litter box, etc. So they are safe. He doesn't vaccinate against FIV either, and that I already knew.
Both of them got the non-adjuvanted shots of RCCP and Rabies. I was very happy to learn that he carries Purevax vaccines....
I will tell you - after the consult today, I have a whole new respect for this vet - he knows A LOT about cats, which are his passion...
Thanks guys!!
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