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leave my nose alone!

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Why does my kitten lick my nose? Always my nose, sometimes my mouth too. Thats what I woke up to this morning, and often when I hold her she reaches up and starts licking away, all over my nose. Is it an oil thing?
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She's trying to help you clean it! More likely it's just because she's doing bonding grooming on you and your nose is a convenient place to start.
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I agree. When my kitty does that I like to think of it him exfoliating my nose lol. I think it's cute.
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I agree with the bonding, and it is cute.

As a baby, Rosie used to bite my nose
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My kitten Tales likes to lick my nose too
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Awwww Sam that's so sweet!!
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One of my BF's cats also licks his nose and has bit his septum a few times. OUCH!
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