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Hee hee hee... the pitter patter of little feet

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I LOVE it.

Our computer room is right below the room where the kittens are staying for a bit....

We'll be sitting here nice and quiet then all of a sudden there's thunder above our heads.... It sounds like the ceiling will fall down.

I have to laugh....I love the sound of 8 little feet running around. They sure do make alot of noise for kitties that only weigh 1.9 and 1.8lbs
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It's amazing how little kittens can sound like fully grown elephants!! Enjoy it while you can!!
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my two boys are full grown but still thunder through the house like little elephants when the zoomies hit! I love to see it!! and I can't wait for our new little ones to get old enough to run too!! (though, it will be a little bit--they are just 5 days old)
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Awwwww just imagining the sound brought a smile to my face I haven't really been in TCS much lately, could I have the link to their thread? I didn't know you were fostering kittens.
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We had one kitten nicknamed Leadfoot because he was his own elephant stampede.
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Awww, thats precious.

The girl that lives above me has a cat and the only reason I know this is because I can hear it plop down on the floor from it's favorite sleeping spot everyday. It's in the same spot everyday. Well, that and she talks baby talk when she opens the front door in greeting to something...I always assumed it was a cat.
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I can imagine the sound of tiny kitten feet running cute!
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I miss that sound. Of course my last two litters both had 5 so it was like a mini tribe of elephants all the time
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My Zane weighs over 20 lbs., so it is not surprising that he makes a lot of noise when he jumps and runs; as a matter of fact, it is amazing that he can move as quietly as he does when he wants to. He sometimes just materializes, almost as though he can teleport.
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