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So very sad

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My friend and her husband are in Germany teaching for the summer. I just found out that their cat sitter just had to have their 13 year old cat put to sleep this morning. I don't know the details, but just know that Mouse became extremely ill practically overnight and the vet (who I trust completely) suggested that she be allowed to be put out of her misery.

I can't imagine how horrific it must be for my friend to have lost her cherished cat while she was out of the country. How incredibly helpless and lonely she must feel. I sat crying as I wrote an e-mail to her expressing my sorrow and sympathy. I wish I could fly over and give her a hug.

So, please say a prayer for Mouse and for my friend Meg.
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Oh Renae, that is so tragic that they could not at least be there for the final goodbye. Hugs to your friend from this household
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Oh, I have tears in my eyes... its so sad. I hope your Mouse is in a better place, and sending my deepst sympathy to Meg.
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Sending Hugs and Soothing Energy.
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Poor kitty, at least it's out of the body causing it so much distress. I'm sure it's spirit is with Meg trying to comfort her.
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How very sad for your friend.... That would just break my heart not to be able to say goodbye to my baby....((hugs)) going out to Meg and Mouse too!
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How horrible for Meg. She must be devastated. At least she had a responsible kittysitter to do the right thing for Mouse, as hard as it must have been.
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That is awful. Hugs for your friend, as I'm sure she needs them now.
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