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Bengal Kitten Won't Eat

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I recently rescued a Bengal kitten and my husband and I really love him, but we are having a few problems.

First of all, Gelato has loose stools which I’ve read is common for Bengals. The vet gave him some meds and they seemed to work until we took Gelato off of them. The diarrhea just came back. The vet suggested we put him on Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for adult cats. We did this (reluctantly since he is only 17 weeks old) but no luck. I am getting no help from the vet at this point. They have run all the tests and such and nothing is wrong except that he is Bengal with a sensitive stomach. . .par for the course I am told!

But now Gelato has stopped eating and he is not interested in playing. He seems ok, happy and all, but he has not eaten in two days and I am really worried.

Am I just a nervous new mother or is there really a problem? Is there something else I should feed him or should I wait it out?

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Welcome to TCS!

I'd be very concerned - as long term loose stool can cause dehydration quickly. I think it may be time for a 2nd opinion from a different vet - sometimes a new perspective is all that's needed for a new suggestion!
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You need to call a vet again.
Why dont you as Neil/Kai bengals for help.
He is a Bengal Breeder and lives in North Carolina.
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Bengals don't have sensitive stomachs as a rule, but they do have more problems with grain laden commerical foods. Get him off all foods with grain in them to start with.
Have him tested for intestinal parasites, including TRI-TRICH.
I breed bengals, so if you like you can PM me and I will give you some suggestions to get this under control.
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Get him to a different vet - asap! Not playing, not eating ..... VERY bad for kitty! He may be dehydrated from the loose poo's he's having and that will cost him his appetite... He may need fluids.

Call an e-vet -- there must be some in Raleigh. Explain what's happening and that he hasn't eaten, diahrea, etc.

prolonged loose stool in a kitten can be a sign of an intestinal parasite - not just worms, but microbes - giardia, coccidia... etc.... serious stuff.

PM Kai Bengals on here - he lives in Raleigh... he may have a good emergency vet for you.

ETA: Whew! Nial --- glad to see you spotted this! I don't take diahrrea and not eating in kittens very lightly at all. So small and can go downhill fast.
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I PMed Kai Bengals and he was a huge help.
Gelato had some boiled chicken this morning and drank up his water dish after that. He seems to be feeling better, too, and played a bit before his typical morning nap.
I am going to get him some better cat food and possibly take him to the vet in a few days if we aren't progressing. I am keeping a close watch on the little guy.
Thanks so much for your attenion and help!

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I am glad you got good advice.
I knew you would.
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