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Cat DVD's/Pet Sitter DVDs...

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Are there any that you would recommend? Reason im looking at them is we are moving to a smaller place and we ended up separating our kittens finally since we were just fostering the one for the time being (my brother took her).

So we want a DVD to keep our kitty company when we are away at work. Dont get me wrong we love our kitten and we always play and comfort him but its just when we leave he is now meow'y and very loud and whiny when we close the door on him and leave and we feel bad.

So which will keep him company, any tricks to make him not miss us or be so noisy when we leave? He is 4.5 months old.

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quite frankly I don't think a DVD would work at all, most cats tend to ignore the TV set. DVDs only work if you have a cat sitter that will watch them while cuddling the cats .

It would be better if he had a play mate but this doesn`t seem to be an option.

I'd advise you to supply your cat with activity toys to pass the time. Here's a web site with lots of home made cat activity boards (sorry its in German, but the pictures are pretty clear )


The idea is that you hide a small amount of kibbles in a toy and let the cat figure out how to get to them. Check out the top left "Katzenfummelbrett" -> Kartonfummelbrett, Holzfummelbrett and so on and use your own creativity and left over loo rolls to keep your kitty amused during the day.


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