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Cindy has an huge ulcer on her right eye :(

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Was woken up at 8am this morning by Cindy walking all over me and talking loudly - her eyes were clear and it was just like every morning since I became her forever mummy

Anyway, around 11.30am, Cindy came into the lounge and I noticed that her right eye was closed and it was very weepy. At first I thought it might have been conjunctivitis again as the "tears" were quite gloopy. I duly took her to the vets and after much examination using dyes etc, I was told that Cindy had a very big ulcer on her right eye - caused by some external trauma such as fighting with her sister or bashing into something and was in pain. Without the dye, I wouldn't have been able to see the ulcer, which pretty much covers her entire pupil

The vet injected her with some morphine to help with the pain, cleaned up the eye and gave her some drops. I've been advised to give her some more eye drops tonight and to take her back tomorrow for a progress check. As a precaution, Cindy is also wearing a lampshade to stop her from rubbing the eye and making things worse

Now Cindy obviously doesn't like wearing the lampshade and has been very unhappy since we got home. She's been bumping into stuff and is having problems getting up and down the stairs, mainly because she is climbing with her head down because her whiskers are blocked by the lampshade. The vet says she may have to wear this for 7 days. My poor baby!!

Is there anything I can do that will make her life easier and more comfortable until she gets better?
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There are some soft e-collars - not sure how quickly someone can ship one out to you?


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p.s. I guess you'd have to make sure there is no way she could get her paws to her eyes in one of these. I doubt she could, but you'd have to feel certain of this once you tried it on her.
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Bijou had the same thing 2-3 weeks ago. He got outside on my husband and got bitten by something just above his right eye. It swelled up and his eye was closing. The vet gave him an antibiotic injection that was supposedly good for 2 weeks, eye drops and a solution for me to add to warm water to bathe the exterior of the abscess. His eye improved dramatically within a couple days but he continued the eye drops as they had antibiotic in them.

We didn't have to put an e-collar on him at all. The most he would do is lick his paw and rub the abscess to get the dried bits off.
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Well, Cindy is slowly getting used to the collar now. Removing it isn't really an option for me, I'd rather be cruel to be kind and for her to make a full recovery quicker than to remove it only for her to rub her eye. The odd thing is, she's become REALLY affectionate! It's so lovely to finally have her coming to me and asking for cuddles and strokes! OK, it's more like, "I have an itch and I can't get to it, so you will have to scratch it for me" but I'll take what I can get!

She's still has occasional difficulty eating (because of the collar) so I've taken to hand feeding her the dry food. Call it our evening bonding session On the downside, Belle is now not eating on account of being sad that she isn't the centre of attention. David is giving her lots of love and cuddles and I'm giving her attention where I can but she really really doesn't like that fact that Cindy is getting more attention than she normally gets. Gotta love cats eh?
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