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Silly question, need opinions

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Ok, so I know I should be able to make this decision by myself but well..
So I work in the vets office and I wear scrubs. I'm taking biology classes because I need it as a pre requisite for college so I can take veterinary technician classes. The biology class is full of people that need it as a pre requisite for their medical classes. So my question is, would it be weird if I wore my scrubs to class since I'll be working and then going straight to the three hour evening class? I could bring a change of clothes but then I'll have more laundry to do after wearing it for just three hours. My scrubs usually stay pretty clean, aside from dog hair.
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If everyone else is in the medical field or wanting to be more than likely you won't be the only one in scrubs.

I say give it a try. If you feel uncomfortable then go to plan B.
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I don't see what would be wrong with that. We have people that are working part time at my work that have to leave straight from there to their practicals for their nursing degree and they wear their scrubs. Heck, when I was in college I used to come from my waitressing job at Pizza Hut straight to class. No one said anything about me wearing my uniform, execpt by the end of the class everyone was craving pizza! I was a walking advertisement!
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You should be fine. Unless your school has a dress policy I don’t think it would matter. From what I remember of school people used to wear all sorts of things. I remember going in my flannel pajamas pants (with bears on them) because I slept out, fell in some mud and didn’t have time to go home. I am sure anyone who is going to school AND working understand how hard it is to keep everything on track.
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Scrubs are clothing, so I don't see anything wrong with wearing them.

I wear scrubs at work and I frequently run errands after work, even grocery shopping, or medical appointments.

Wear what you feel comfortable wearing. You're there to learn, not for any other reason.
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it should be okay..I mean unless you feel weird about it and won't be comfortable in them. If this was me, I wouldn't wear them to class only because i'm weird like that, I need to be 100% comfortable with the things I wear otherwise I start to obsess over how ridiculous I look and it ruins my day. But that's just me, I see people looking 100x more ridiculous sometimes but they feel awesome in their clothes..that's all that matters, how you feel.
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The better question might be, do you have some cute scrubs? I've seen some very nice ones with animals on them, flowers, and all sorts of neat prints. If so, wear them. If they're just plain blue or green - you need to find some more cute ones. If you can sew from patterns, there's always the option of at least making tops for yourself.

The town I live in has a hospital, several clinics, residential homes, and veterinary clinics. I see lots of people wearing their scrubs around town and don't think anything of it unless they have a cute set.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
The better question might be, do you have some cute scrubs?
lol, I do have some nice patterns. Snoopy, Pink Panther, etc. I cant sew but I found some really good deals on ebay.

Thanks guys! I'll go ahead and wear them then and hopefully everyone else won't think I'm too weird (not that I care much, not like I'll ever see them again!)
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If I were you, I'd be proud to wear scrubs to class...or anywhere else. Think about the work you're doing and what those scrubs project about you.
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I've worked in the Operating Room for 25 years. I think that scrubs are the most comfortable clothing ever invented! I'd probably wear them 24/7 if I could get away with it!!! It is quite socially acceptable to wear scrubs away from the, more than ever. Scrubs are sort of the 'casual clothing du jour' now. They're easy care, and comfortable....what could be better than that?
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I wore scrubs with the Department of Correction patches on them to many night classes, since I went straight from work. Some people were curious and asked questions about my job, which I didn't really mind. I don't see anything wrong with it. Most scrubs are much prettier than the DOC kind .
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