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Daily question!...05/25/09

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good morning!...

here´s your question of today...

How many types of plants do you have in you GARDEN, outside, Inside, backyard,.. Do you have any special food at your plants?... I mean for grew up?

Have a nice day!
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That's a bunch of plants, Rigel! Let's see...

Inside: Prayer plant, jade, dracaena, spider plant - I think that's all.

Outside back: Forsythia, hydrangea, assorted hostas, quince, vine maple, Japanese anemone, peony, rose, rose campion, California poppy, yucca, rhubarb, lemon balm, assorted unidentified ground cover, scarlet runner beans, plus containers of cherry tomatoes, nasturtiums, onion chives, garlic chives, tarragon, rosemary, parsley, sage, thyme, cilantro - I think that's all.

Outside front: deodar, Japanese maple, azalea, more hostas, assorted ferns, and probably about a dozen others I don't know the names of.

ETA: Forgot to comment on feeding. That's Rob's job. But mostly he just uses our own home-grown compost, and I think some Miracle Gro for the tomatoes.
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Inside plants? With 10 cats and 3 dogs! NOT!!

Outside plants - where do I start?

Flowering - hibiscus, rose of sharon, marshmallow, iris, daisy, columbine, Mexican heather, hostas, sedum, yucca, petunias, lily, rose, impatient, cosmos, clematis, sunflower, vibernum, rhododendrum, lavender, sweet william, tulips, peony, and probably a lot more.

Trees - maple (3 varieties), oak (5 varieties), elm (2 varieties), pear (2 varieties), hackberry, poplar, pine (4 varieties), apple, cherry (2 varieties), peach, box elder, sumac, cottonwood, dogwood, and probably more. We actually have hundreds of trees.

Vegetable - tomatoes, lots of varieties of peppers, corn, beans, peas (this is DH's domain and I don't know exactly what he's planted out there).

What can I say - we have about 3 acres and plenty of room for plants!

For plant food, I just enrich the soil with natural things like mulch and sometimes peat moss. We turn our compost pile into the vegetable garden each year with a tiller.
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Since I'm transitory, I don't have a garden, but I do haul my plants around in containers.

I have Mojave adapted aloe plants
Century Plant (Agave americana)
A nice hibiscus with hot pink blossoms
and Thornless prickly pear cactus.

Don't let the thornless bit fool you though, it is still covered with very tiny, very fine hairs which are annoying, itchy and painful if they get on you.
Hopefully it will flower next year and bear fruit.
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too many!...... tomatoes Fran...

Mexican heather Amy... I would like to meet it...

For me, A orange, avocado, MANGO! coconut, grapefruit, of course bananas and some flowers too...
In front yard


and front yard too...
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Oh goodness where do i start?. Theres some i don't even know the name of?. But the ones i've planted, theres several rose bushes, Laveteria, Fuscia, Azalea's, Clematis, Jasmine, Holly bush, Pinks(Carnationa)3 different types of ivy and Pansies

Heres a few i took last year but their bigger this year

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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
too many!...... tomatoes Fran...

Mexican heather Amy... I would like to meet it...

For me, A orange, avocado, MANGO! coconut, grapefruit, of course bananas and some flowers too...
You covet my tomatoes, Rigel -- I covet your avocados and mangos. We get pretty nice ones in the greengrocers, but I don't kid myself that they are anything like as lovely as what you can pick off the trees in your garden. I am seriously envious.

I also remembered later that I had omitted the lavendar from the back, the basil from the containers, and some fairly sad junipers in the front. They have seen better days and should probably be put out of everyone's misery. The nicest ones were destroyed by the City when they dug up the front yard for water main work.
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Umm let's see...
I have a giant lily plant and a beautiful orchid indoors (not accessible to kitty).
Outdoors I have a big herb garden with basil, oregano, mint and parsley. Around it I have euonymus bushes and lavender.
In the rest of the yard I have lots of yews, 6 hostas and 5 pyracantha bushes. I'd like to get a few red barberry bushes.
Trees - 2 oaks, a red maple, a japanese maple, 2 sweetgum, a weeping cherry and a white dogwood tree.

I use Miracle grow. All have peat moss or potting soil and most of the bushes mulch.
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I don't have any indoor plants at all, sadly Linus is not at all plant-friendly.
However I do have several deck planters that have pansy's impatience plants and petunia's in them.
My deck is also unique in that being up on the third floor I am sort of in the tree-tops, with two huge birch trees on either side. I have a nice shady lounging spot for those hot summer days.
In the yard along the edge of the river are tons of lilac brushes, crab-apple trees and wild cherry trees that are just starting to come out in blossom now and smell wonderful.
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I don't have any indoor plants at all. I'm too worried about the girls trying to eat them! I do occasionally plant oat grass for the cats during the winter. I have catnip growing wild outside that I harvest and dry for my kitties.

I have a large yard with many different perennials planted in my gardens....too many to really list. However, lilies and iris are my favorite flowers, so I have many, many varieties of each. My neighbor tilled the garden for me this weekend, and I planted a few vegetables. He planted a bunch of stuff too...tomatoes, green beans, pepper plants, zucchini (yuck), and some strawberries. His yard is too small for a garden, so we both plant in my yard, and share the 'care' for the entire garden. I also have a big raspberry patch. I planted three new redbud trees in the back yard, a couple of weeks ago...they are all doing fine! My lilac bushes are in bloom right now. They smell so wonderful! I think I might dig up some of the small runners, and transplant them to the back yard too!
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We have three pot plants inside. We got them about 6 weeks ago and I'll have to take a photo of one that the kitties have destroyed. We also have a mini cactus!

Nothing special outside - mostly just grass!
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