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what to wear

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to a visitation...??
I know the most popular thing to wear is black on a funeral but to a visitation, do you also wear this?
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I don't know if it's absolutely required to wear black. I'd say somber colors (brown, grey, dark blue or dark green), low-heeled shoes and no bright flashy accessories.
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I don't think black is the only color you can wear. I don't think pink is a good idea though. I would were anything that you might were to work. Navy blue or tan. Anything that is a little dressy, but not loud in color. The idea is that you don't want to stand out.
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would you wear pants or a skirt? I don't have a skirt anyway, but I do have a pair of dark green pair of pants and a khaki(sp?) shirt to go with it...does that sound ok?
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I think pants are fine. I hardly see all women is dresses or skirts anymore. More and more there are many women out there that just don't wear skirts or dresses. When I go to a showing or funeral, I see just as many women in pants as I see in skirts and dresses.
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Well, after worrying about what I was going to wear, I'm not going after all....I will be at the funeral tomorrow though...Steve forgot he had to reformat his friends computer tonight and it had been planned for a while...
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In general, anything tasteful and conservative is appropriate. The only exception is a biker funeral and there - anything goes.
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You know, I was amazed at my Grandmother's funeral. My sister and I both wore nice black dresses. (Mom didn't own any black, so she wore something dark.) We were the ONLY people there wearing all black. Everyone else was wearing darker, conservative clothes, probably winter church clothes. This was even in small town Nebraska!
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The last time I attended a furneral almost all the women were wearing pants.
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I agree. Unfortunately I've had to attend 3 funeral this year already (2 family members and a co-workers brother). I felt like I had over dressed at all 3 of them. With my 2 family member's funerals, I was the ONLY one wearing a dress and with my co-workers brother there were only a handful of us in dresses or skirts.

Also, I noticed that not many people wear black to funerals anymore. It's either dark colors or neutral colors.
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When I went to my grandfathers funeral I wore charcoal pants and a black shirt. When I was shopping for this ensemble I was told by many people you no longer have to wear black. Any dark color is pretty much accepted now.
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When Russ died, we held a wake in the bar, where he played honky-tonk piano. I was dressed as an 1880s saloon girl.
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I've only ever been to one funeral, but I wore a nice all-black dress, with matching black shoes, purse, and hair barrette. I didn't notice what everyone else wore, since I was kind of preoccupied, as the person had been very, very close to me.
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