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Sweepy bye bye my little one

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I have joined this forum this morning, because I just want to have the company of people who may understand my distress. No one in my circle seems to understand the pain I have at the moment. Yesterday afternoon, I heard the noise of a speeding car and a loud thud and I ran out to find my little cat, Sweepy, had died instantaneously from the impact. This little cat was nearly 17. I found him as a feral kitten and took him in. We have never been apart since. Because he was a feral cat, he was always all his life suspicious of other people and I was the only person he loved and he would quite happily have spent his life on my lap. I loved him dearly in return. In all those years, he never scratched or hissed or bit. He was gentle and sweet, happy to be with me but very independent in his own way as cats are. In all those years, I never once saw him go to the toilet! I don't have any children or close family and this little cat was the world to me. 17 years and then a thud and then he is gone. A couple of years ago I rescued a puppy and said I would keep him on the condition that Sweepy was able to cope with him as he was in the house first. They came to love each other and yesterday they were sunbathing outside together in the morning. The dog is looking for him everywhere today and is very upset. I feel privileged to have owned little Sweepy -he was there purring on my lap when I went through the worst periods of my life. I have buried him in the garden, but I cannot believe he is gone. I call his name and all is quiet. I know that some people will just say I am overdoing it -he was just a cat - but to me, the day will never be complete without him. Every evening before I fell asleep, he would lick my nose and say goodnight. Now it is my turn to say goodnight, Sweepy, and through my tears, I realise what a wonderful friend I have lost.
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Awww... I am so sorry for your loss...
Of course we understand... I think everyone here will not only understand, but share the same feelings when losing a beloved kitty... They are not just cats, they are family. Please hang in there, and feel free to count on us for support; we are here for you.
RIP Sweepy
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No cat is "just a cat". We understand your pain.

Rest in Peace, Sweepy
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My condolences to you and Sweepy's puppy friend. He sounded like a true and loyal companion.
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I'm so sorry People just don't understand that animals have feelings just like humans

Play happily at the bridge Sweepy

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Of course it hurts he was a part of your family, sometimes the only people who understand the loss of a pet are other pet owners. Rest in Peace Sweepy.
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I feel your pain and understand it as I just lost a beloved kitty friend several days ago. I am crying non-stop and in deep grieving. To those of us who really love our cats, they are family so your feelings are completely understandable.

I am very sorry for your loss. Bless Sweepy's heart.
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You've come to the right place, but I am SO sorry this is why and how you had to find us. There is a giant hole in your heart, and it will not heal easily. Knowing that your little Sweepy had a wonderful, happy life is little comfort right now. Talk to him, think of him, and tell your dog what happened. Hold him close, and share your loss, because he is grieving too. Sweepy will always be with you and your love will not diminish, but the pain, slowly, will.

Play happily over the bridge, sweet Sweepy. Daddy and puppy miss you.

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You can post pictures of Sweepy here if you'd like to.

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I am very sorry for your loss.......what a horrible story. I lost a cat "suddenly" 5 weeks ago......and it just tore my heart out. Your story brought back some of the sad memories of Uncle Louie back. Please consider rescuing another cat when some time passes by and if you are ready. Sweepy is happy on the other side of the rainbow bridge
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Of course, nothing we can say or do will make you feel better, but know that we have all experienced the same feelings, to a greater or lesser degree. Seventeen is a long time for a cat, so you obviously took good care of him and he repaid you with his love.
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Condolences on your loss of Sweepy. You're in the right place. We know about that magical bond between critter and human, that those who have not experienced it don't understand. Your pain is real and as legitimate as if it were your mate or your parent or child, who was taken from you. The hole is ginormous.

Talk to the pup, tell him what's happened, hug each other -- you need each other now more than ever. And be gentle with yourself.

We'd love to see pics of your pal, if you'd like to share, and to hear more about him -- sometimes just putting the words together is healing.

I'm sorry we meet at a sad time, but I hope you'll stick around.

RIP Sweepy
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Many thanks for all those who have taken the time and have been so kind as to reply. It is enormously appreciated. As I said, everyone in my circle cannot understand the depth of my feeling and seem to look upon me as some eccentric who's just overdoing things and wallowing in self-pity. Nothing could be further than the truth. I can understand why the Egyptians worshipped cats. My little dog I love to distraction, but Sweepy was my soul mate. He always knew when things were wrong and when they were right. He was an unusual cat -he was terrified of birds and only ever caught two things, a moth and a frog, both of which he gave to me as a gift completely unharmed. Like me, he wasn't one to make friends -he just loved me and the dog and that was it. With his death, a huge part of me, almost a mirror image, has died with him and I am deeply depressed. Thank you for those kind souls who have posted their message of condolence. It helps a lot. Robert
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Here is Sweepy and his best friend, Mister
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Originally Posted by Rob M View Post
Here is Sweepy and his best friend, Mister
I do not see an image of Sweepy
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Sorry, I tried to attach via my desktop. Perhaps this link will work:

I can't work out how else to do it. Rob
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Oh, what a lovely picture. Sweepy was beautiful - reminds me very much of my boy Dante....and my sincere sympathy on your loss. It's totally understandable that you are grieving. But your puppy needs you now too - tell him what happened, and I hope time can heal some of the pain you're both feeling now. You and Sweepy were blessed to have each other, and I believe that Sweepy is waiting over the rainbow bridge for you - but is happy and healthy while he waits.
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I can see the picture! He was a very handsome little guy!

Gary and I always thought we wanted a dog, but our lifestyle never allowed for it. Neither of us had any experience with cats and no particular affinity for them. Like you, one adopted us. For us, that grew into a commitment to cats, rescue work and advocacy for homeless/feral cats.... but we've both had dogs, we know a lot of dogs - and while they provide a very immediate and constant companionship and demonstrations of love and caring.... they just aren't cats. Cats interact with us on a whole different level. I think it's partially their independence that makes our relationship with them more one of - "guardian" or "caretaker" - or "partner," rather than "pet." Truly, they grace us with their presence. I'm so glad you had the chance to experience that, though, of course, the loss of your friend means so much hurt.

Having opened your heart to a feral kitty once, do not be surprised if another kitty finds his or her way to you. (Even if it's you stopping by a shelter and kitty adopting you right there and then). It always seems as if our "rainbow bridge" kitties lead others to us when the time is right. A new kitty is never a replacement for an old friend - but the beautiful thing about love is that (not meaning to be trite) is that it is like an endless well, and loving a new being doesn't diminish in any way the love we have and shared with another.

Thank you for sharing a beautiful picture.

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What a great picture. Sweepy was a lovely fellow. His friend is a sweetie, too. Thank you for sharing.
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I'm so extremely sorry. Please take solace in knowing that you provided well for Sweepy over the years and that he loved his time with you and Mister.
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I'm bawling my eyes out as I read your post. I am soooo sorry to hear about your loss. They are never "just cats", and this is just like losing a close member of your family. I lost two a couple of years ago (one to cancer, one to old age), and I know exactly how you are feeling. Just remember...merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. Brightest Blessings!
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Condolences to Mister & you on losing your precious Sweepy. What a treasure the picture is If we were in ancient Egypt, you would be able to shave your eyebrows & even be given time off from work in order to grieve the loss of a cat.
You have definitely come to the right community of people who can, unfortunately, emphathize completely
I know that right now the wounds are so very raw, but I hope that you will find comfort and encouragement just in knowing that we truly care. About 5 years ago, I lost my Miss Tobie, who was my "sphinx cat" who was "mine", she slept with me & guarded me; I had finally decided, that the loss, combined with losing custody of my grandson, was my "breaking point" and I couldn't risk loving and losing again. But I couldn't say "no" to my daughter who has brain-damage when she spent over 3 year's savings (she was saving up for a home stereo system for her room) to buy 2 kittens, JC and Joey. And as it turned out, Joey is my new "sphinx cat" - my devoted shadow who not only bonds so completely with me, he bonded with my grandson who vacations with me - and if my grandson is having a hard time, with abuse or is ill with a fever, etc., even though they are over 400 miles apart, Joey will sense it and go about the house mrreowling loudly (he's a Manx with a typical very quiet way),
Sending your mega prayers and vibes for comfort & healing
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I am so sorry for your loss. I know what you mean about people not understanding the loss of a pet, but all of us here know exactly how you feel.

You said that you buried him in your garden? When we had to put our first cat, Cookie, to sleep, I planted a garden over him - he was mostly white, so I grew only white flowers in that garden. It's still called Cookie's garden. It helped me through that difficult time. I still talk to her everytime I am out there weeding or watering. Perhaps you could do something similar in your garden?
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