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Daily Thread Monday May 25th

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Morning peeps!

Welp, its going to be sunny and mild today again...Thats always nice!

No real plans after work today. Probably unpacking from our trip and then relaxing. I am going to make some sort of dinner though.

Our wedding is creeping up!

Have a great day folks!
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Wow just after a month to go Nat. I bet you are excited. What happened to that radio competition Josh entered?

It's almost 11.30PM. It's going to be an early one for me tonight. I just can't be bothered with doing much else. I got my insurance sorted on my car tonight - it has been uninsured since October (Just third party insurance). I also bathed Fluffy for the upcoming show on the weekend.

Tomorrow is Tuesday so I have classes during the day and work at night. Once I get home I'll probably try and pack for my trip away on the weekend. Tomorrow in class we will be getting ready for our big trip to Parliament to see the Associate Minister of Tourism. I'm excited!

I hope everyone has a great day. Oh yeah and I packed some leftover pasta I made for lunch but I just ate it!
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Good morning....

again, nothing much planed here. I have physio today shortly, thankfully cuz I'm hurting really bad... overdid it yesterday

I have to get groceries some time today... that's bout it for the mandatory stuff.

Have a great day folks.
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Morning All!!

Sunny but the wind is a bit chilly here this morning.

Heading off to work shortly for a few hours.

Then it's just going to be home for a quiet evening of TV and computer.

Slept lousy last night, tossed and turned most of it away.

The kitties are good, it's garbage day which is their favorite day of the week to window watch, always plenty to see..

Everyone have a great day
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Another nice sunny day here! We so deserve a long stretch of lovely weather.
Not much planned for today, just work and the dentist this afternoon. That's always fun.
Have fun at the Beehive Sam!
Have a good day everyone!
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I'm going to see my parent's today! I haven't seen them since-- Christmas. It sucks living so far away from my family.
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Morning all! It's a holiday here in the US (Memorial Day). I'll be working anyway later today (3-11p) though. The foster kittens are fed, Jin and Sabina won't be awake for hours, so after spending a bit of time here at TCS, I think I'll plant some bulbs I bought for 1/2 price yesterday...calla lilies, freesia, dahlias, trilliums, and a fern.
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Good afternoon and Happy Memorial Day US members.
It's a lazy day. DH BBQed pulled pork yesterday and is relaxing. His mother and brother were over for a visit. By 8:30pm we were falling asleep and had to kick them out. We are so on the baby's schedule. DS slept wonderfully after yesterday's events.

Strange thing happened though. I don't keep in contact with my father's side of the family for over 10 years. His mother called and left a very strange message at my mother's house. I called her back and either she has dementia and went back in time or she had me confused with my half sister. She thought I was visiting with my father. Mom called the mother of my half sister(who also doesn't talk to my grandmom) to see if it's dementia or what. I contacted my other cousin on FB and she hasn't replied. I don't know what else to do.
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Its a lazy memorial day here!

I went to work this morning. (very happy for the students who want lessons despite the long weekend)

then I came home to my fiance who made me breakfast and we just went for a walk to the grocery store to get some stuff since we're having some friends over tonight!
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Hello from the other side of the world (for me at least) I'm in Vilnius and I lost a big chunk of my Monday in transit because the time is 7 hours ahead of EDT. The good news is that I'll get it back on Friday when I fly back.

I couldn't ask for better weather and even though I didn't get settled into my hotel until about 4 pm, I still had time to wander around town for a couple of hours. It's a very odd thing with lots of old cathedrals intermixed with modern Eastern European techno-looking buildings. From my current vantage point, I can see an old palace, an old cathedral, a shopping mall, and a strip club.

I've already taken quite a few photos and I think I'll be able to take at least 1 day off from this conference and see the sites, so I'll try to post up my pics when I get back. Hope everyone back in the states is having a great Memorial Day.
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Beautiful weather here today! Such a nice change from the hot, humid weather on Sat. I've just gotten over a bad sinus headache that I've had off and on for a week--yesterday didn't help it! It magically got better when the humidity dropped.

DH installed a new ceiling fan in the master bedroom today. We wanted one with a remote, as I was tired of having to kneel on the bed to change the speeds, as we use it a lot.

I spent the day in my garden, cleaning up, and painting some metal trellises. Chick-Fil-A was running a special: buy 1 milkshake, get 1 free! (You GOTTA try their shakes--the best we've ever had--they use real cream.). Anyway, we sat on our new 2-person porch swing that we bought Sat., and drank our shakes. Nice!!!

Now, we're off to dinner on the deck! (Pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans.)
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Another nice sunny day here! We so deserve a long stretch of lovely weather.
Not much planned for today, just work and the dentist this afternoon. That's always fun.
Have fun at the Beehive Sam!
Have a good day everyone!
Thanks! Would you believe I've never been there before?!
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